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Why eau de parfum?

Why eau de parfum?
Why eau de parfum?

Perfumery is a complex universe. Also, all brands display different kinds of juice. Some are Eaux de Toilettes, still others are Eaux de Parfums while the latter are simply called Perfumes. But then, how do you find your way around and why do we often talk about Eau de Parfum in particular ?

What is the difference between Eaux de Parfums, Eaux de Toilette and Perfumes?

The difference between these three types of juice is actually a matter of concentration. In other words, some are lighter while others are particularly stubborn. Because of this, some are also more expensive and others more affordable. To be more precise, know that Eaux de Cologne are dosed at 4 to 6%. In this case, it is the first form of perfumes as we know them today. They were used daily in particular from 1709. Eaux de Toilette, for their part, contain 7 to 12% of concentrate. The Eaux de Parfums reach a concentration of 12 to 20%. Finally, Perfumes or Perfume Extracts can go up to 40%! We are talking about particularly prestigious and very expensive juice.

The little extras of L’Eau de Parfum?

Also, Eau de Parfum appears to be a perfect compromise. Indeed, its concentration in essence is greater than that of Eau de Toilette. This gives it a better hold on the skin and more longevity. However, its price remains much more affordable than that of the Extract de Parfum . In this sense, it is a small luxury that remains accessible to most budgets. On the other hand, its use is to be qualified according to the seasons and the occasions. Indeed, in summer for example, the Eaux de Toilette, lighter, are generally more appreciated.

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