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Marc Jacobs – Divine Decadence

Marc Jacobs - Divine Decadence
Marc Jacobs – Divine Decadence

Divine Décadence, the prestigious eccentricity of Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is an American designer who needs no introduction. In this case, he is one of the 10 most searched designers on Google. It must be said that the success of its 2015 Decadence perfume greatly contributed to its notoriety. This one emerged as a fall winter staple and women couldn’t help but succumb to its irreverent and sassy charm. With him, Marc Jacobs plunged us into a sulphurous world. Also, it seems that he once again wanted to explore this universe with the creation of the brand new Divine Décadence, a reinterpretation of his elder brother who has already become a legend.

The luxurious scent of Divine Decadence

Divine Décadence is a perfume that has nothing to envy to its predecessor. Although this is a reinterpretation of it, it displays a very different and truly unique smell. This opens with a light and tangy bitterness emanating from bergamot. This citrus fruit is also associated with the radiant luminosity of orange blossom. The whole is thus particularly Mediterranean. Nevertheless, its charm lies in an unexpected addition of champagne. Then, Divine Décadence turns to a more floral heart. This reveals the sustained elegance of the hydrangea. This flower is also accompanied by honeysuckle, a plant native to China and known for its suave and floral tones similar to those of jasmine. Likewise, the gardenia, for its part, delivers here its more assertive and vegetal side. Finally, Divine Décadence is gradually moving towards a warmer background. This contains saffron, one of the most prestigious ingredients in the world. It is accompanied for the occasion by the balsamic aromas of amber as well as the warm exoticism of vanilla. The whole is absolutely exquisite and particularly tempting.

The refined but sassy woman of Marc Jacobs

This very elaborate scent gives us the image of an exuberant woman but no less glamorous. Divine Décadence is an invitation to pure pleasure. Il affirme son style audacieux sans détour et son appartenance à l’univers du luxe. La féminité se montre tour à tour classique, spontanée, contemporaine et sulfureuse. Ces multiples facettes ne font qu’augmenter son attirance. Néanmoins, ce somptueux parfum ne serait rien sans un flacon à la hauteur de son audace. Divine Décadence est donc contenu dans un écrin à la forme d’un sac à main. Celui-ci est un clin d’œil astucieux à l’une des pièces maîtresses de la maison Marc Jacobs. Ce flacon inattendu est entièrement pensé dans une teinte verte émeraude. Il est également coiffé d’un bouchon cintré en python, ce qui contribue grandement à lui donner un pouvoir presque érotique. Une chaîne dorée associée à un pompon de soie noire complète élégamment cet objet. Le tout affiche des lignes nettes sublimées de dorures. Divine Décadence est incontestablement un parfum issu de la Haute Parfumerie, accessoire indispensable pour sublimer l’élégance osée des tenues de the Marc Jacobs house .

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