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Dior – Diorshow 2015 Collection

Diorshow Collection Backstage
Diorshow Collection Backstage

Revolution in the world of make-up resulting from the secrets of the make-up artists of the house of Dior for a spectacular look

Diorshow Collection

Dior Brow Styler Diorshow N ° 001 & N ° 002
Dior Brow Styler Diorshow N ° 001 & N ° 002

Diorshow Brow Styler N ° 001 Universal Brown & N ° 002 Universal Dark Brown

Buy Diorshow Brow Styler Eyebrow Pencils at Fragrenza Perfumes.

To densify and redraw the eyebrow line with professional precision, Diorshow Brow Styler is the right pencil, in fact, thanks to its ultra fine and retractable tip, the line is very precise and ensures a natural result.

You will inevitably be won over by its all-in-one pencil and brush packaging for ease of application.

Two new shades available 001 Universal Brow, 002 Universal Dark Brow

Dior Brow Styler Gel Diorshow
Dior Brow Styler Gel Diorshow

Diorshow Brow Styler Gel N ° 001 Transparent, N ° 002 Blonde, N ° 003 Brown

Buy Diorshow Brow Styler Gel Eyebrow Pencils at Fragrenza Perfumes.

The first eyebrow mascara for natural eyebrow makeup thanks to its automatic comb brush that delivers the right dose of gel with a non-sticky effect that will allow you to define the line of your eyebrows.

Three new shades available 001 Transparent, 002 Blonde, 003 Brown

Dior Pro Liner Diorshow N ° 272
Dior Pro Liner Diorshow N ° 272

Diorshow Pro Liner N ° 042 Pro Gray, N ° 092 Pro Black, N ° 182 Pro Purple, N ° 272 Pro Blue, N ° 472 Pro Khaki, N ° 582 Pro Brow

Buy Diorshow Pro Liner Eye Pens on Fragrenza Perfumes

The new eye pen combining the ease of application of a pencil & the intensity of a classic liquid liner. Indeed, thanks to its “gel-like” texture, its intensity is incredible and its unprecedented hold.

Six new shades available: 042 Pro Gray, 092 Pro Black, 182 Pro Purple, Pro Blue, Pro Khaki, Pro Brow

Diorshow Mascara Volume Effect Adding Lashes by Dior
Diorshow Mascara Volume Effect Adding Lashes by Dior

Diorshow Professional Custom Volume Mascara – Lash Adding Effect

Buy Diorshow Volume Lash Adding Effect Mascara at Fragrenza Perfumes

New mascara from the Diorshow collection, discover its new generation formula which optically provides an “added lash” effect. In addition, it has the latest protective and anti-drying system to prevent your mascara from drying too quickly. In fact, its “Air-Lock” Tm wringer limits the contact of the formula with the air for optimal application day after day.

Dior 5 Colors Designer Palette
Dior 5 Colors Designer Palette

Palettes 5 Colors Designers N ° 008 Smoky, N ° 208 Navy, N ° 308, Khaki, N ° 508 Nude Pink, N ° 708 Amber, N ° 718 Taupe

Shop the Designer 5 Color Eyeshadow Palettes at Fragrenza Perfumes.

Dior revisits these palettes inspired by the catwalk looks of its Haute Couture house, for a format offering eyelid makeup worthy of the greatest Dior catwalks. It offers an extremely simple 5-step makeup lesson (base, 2 eyeshadows, a highlighter and a liner).

Find it at the best price at our make-up partner: Fragrenza Perfumes as well as all the products of the DIOR brand .

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