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Declaration: the last Cartier box

Statement: Cartier's niche fragrance in a unique box
Statement: Cartier’s niche fragrance in a unique box

All the power of a Declaration in an elegant Cartier box

The Cartier house seems forever fascinated by people who love each other. Thus, it celebrates love since its creation and strong feelings constantly emanate from its perfumes. As its name suggests, Declaration is no exception to the rule. It is the fragrance of a strong attachment that offers itself as a rare and unforgettable gift. It thus leaves an intimate mark on the skin and is both tender and intense, leaving an indelible memory. Declaration of Cartier is a racy fragrance designed for a generous, whimsical and fiery man. He immediately takes us into a game of seduction and creates an immense bond with his partner. So, how about discovering the box set ?

The woody and spicy breath of Declaration

Declaration is a fragrance that soars with a fresh and luminous sensation. It is first composed of citrus fruits, and more exactly of bergamot and orange. His heart, meanwhile, is racing. It brings together incandescent spices such as cardamom, juniper or mugwort. Finally, its background becomes more enveloping. Vetiver, oakmoss and cedarwood leave behind a deeper and more masculine trail. Musk sublimates the animality of Declaration de Cartier.

Cartier’s box

Statement is presented to us in an elegant red and gray box. Note that this pretty package comes in two different versions. The first contains the Declaration spray in a 50 ml format, accompanied by its shower gel. The second contains a 100 ml spray bottle with its stick deodorant.

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