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Cartier – Water Declaration

L'Eau de Cartier Declaration
L’Eau de Cartier Declaration

Discover Declaration L’Eau the niche fragrance for men from Cartier aromatic aquatic for men….

Water Declaration

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Cartier – Water Declaration

A journey from the great outdoors, carried by essences in love with freedom. The new Cartier Declaration L’Eau fragrance is a fragrance of truth, to say the things that matter… A fragrance for a man sure of his choices, sure of his feelings. A scent of emotions that we will not forget.

In the Declaration L’Eau de Cartier perfume we find more aromatic and aquatic notes than the original Declaration perfume .

Bottle – L’Eau de Cartier Declaration

The Cartier Declaration L’Eau perfume bottle uses the codes of the original Cartier Declaration perfume. The Declaration L’Eau de Cartier bottle almost represents the shape of a man’s bust with imposing shoulders. The Declaration L’Eau de Cartier bottle is blue, the color of the sky and water, coinciding perfectly with the olfactory notes of the perfume: Aromatic – Aquatic. It is a seasonal scent that goes well with spring and summer, a fresh scent with both sweet and aromatic notes. Statement L’Eau de Cartier invites dreams and spiritual escape… A fragrance that evokes peace, calm and pleasure. The Cartier fragrance for Men Declaration L’Eau embodies freshness and purity.

Men’s Perfume

Olfactory Family: Aromatic – Aquatic

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