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Classique Intense, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s weapon of seduction

Classique Intense, Jean-Paul Gaultier's weapon of seduction
Classique Intense, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s weapon of seduction

Classique Intense was created in 2014, twenty-one years after Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Classique perfume . It is more delicious and sensual and was imagined by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. As usual, Jean-Paul Gaultier has created an essence that does not lack character. It is intended for a femme fatale with a strong character. On the bottle side, fans of the brand will find their way there since the corset is still very present. However, more eye-catching than ever, this time it is reinterpreted in a golden hue.

Jean-Paul Gaultier and his luminous fragrance

Classique Intense carries us away in a whirlwind of luminous scents. It is strongly inspired by the Classic but offers a more sophisticated, addictive and sensual version. The first opus consisted mainly of rose, orange blossom, amber woods and sweet vanilla. It contained vapors of rice powders echoing the Baroque period when courtesans and princesses were sprayed with it from face to chest. Jean Paul Gaultier therefore repeats the experience but they become even more powerful in the intense version. Classique Intense is an explosion of tiara flowers coiled in an overdose of gourmet notes. Then comes the pomegranate, juicy and tangy. Then, the exoticism gradually gives way to a more floral trail. Orange blossom brings freshness, luminosity and change of scenery. The decor is more oriental. It is then that the vanilla notes unfold and intensify. All the sensuality promised by the provocative visual of the essence is there. Finally, patchouli is the ingredient that structures the entire composition of this both oriental and floral fragrance. It is glamorous, chic and sexy at the same time. Classic Intense has a vaporous and simply delicious mark.

The emblematic codes of the Classic, revisited in an intense way

Everyone undeniably remembers the first feminine bottle by Jean-Paul Gaultier, still very popular today. It was a bust inspired by the mannequins used in the Couture workshops. The transparency of the glass outlined her corset in pale pink tones, playing on the contrast between the smooth glass and the polished glass. This time, he asserts his luxurious side. Its shape remains unchanged. However, it is entirely golden in color. The femme fatale who wears it then transports itself to a world of lust. In this case, the venus chosen by Jean-Paul Gaultier is none other than the model Rianne Ten Haken. The beautiful plays it provocative at will. A black liner on her lashes, a scandalously red mouth perched on stiletto heels, she embodies the femme fatale of the fifties. It must be said that this has always inspired Jean-Paul Gaultier, like many men elsewhere. The beauty with such a sensual look poses in her golden corset, like the famous bottle. Its vintage style makes it timeless and it plays with all the codes of seduction. She is a magnetic beauty and, like Classique Intense, she capsizes the hearts of anyone who dares to approach her.

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