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Alien Man Fusion, new fragrance for men from Mugler

Alien Man Fusion, niche fragrance for men from Mugler
Alien Man Fusion, niche fragrance for men from Mugler

Alien Man Fusion, Thierry Mugler’s new UFO

It was in 1992 that Thierry Mugler decided to create his very first perfume, Angel, for women. This was followed by a second female juice, in 2005, just as famous and named Alien . A sort of solar and divine incarnation, he imposed his benevolence on the world and then radiated a floral and woody radiance. Although reinterpreted many times, Alien only became a men’s fragrance in 2018. However, barely a year after its release, it lets us glimpse a new face for the man Thierry Mugler. Focus on its new limited edition: Alien Men Fusion.

When Thierry Mugler enriches his bottle with a dazzling blue

The Alien Man perfumeis at the same time very different from its predecessor while preserving its initial silhouette. Both are modern tributes to what once was Alien’s very first female flask. More minimalist and graphic, they are also more imposing than the latter. Thus, they clearly display their manhood. The facets of its feminine bottle have been smoothed and its base is also wider. From then on, Alien Men Fusion gives the appearance of a man on whom a woman can rest. All in geometry, its bottle exudes a timeless elegance. Formerly degraded in shades of purple, Alien Men Fusion dares to display a brand new electric blue color that is not made to go unnoticed. Her initial dark blue brightened, as if the sun’s rays were suddenly entering inside her glass. This same color is also present on the cardboard packaging of this perfume. Its front face, for its part, is completely tinted in white. Therefore, this visual gives an image halfway between ardor and purity. Note all the same that the initial purple color of the Alien collection has now completely disappeared.

Alien Men Fusion, a mysterious and nocturnal essence

On the scent side, Alien Men Fusion is in perfect harmony with its visual. In other words, Alien Men Fusion isn’t shy about it and doesn’t shy away from its power. It soars on spicy and aphrodisiac top notes. He immediately displays his seductive side. It also contains ginger and cinnamon. His heart, meanwhile, is more greedy and sensual. It is enriched with osmanthus, a raw material renowned for its slightly apricot scent. Here, this ingredient is associated with leather for more animality. Finally, all the virility of Alien Men Fusion is expressed more fully at its base. Smoked beech is electrified with green coffee. Alien Men Fusion seems genuinely indomitable. However, it does not lack refinement and displays undeniable elegance. Between its devastating charm,

Alien Men Fusion is available in two different sizes, in 50 or 100ml.

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