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Alien Fusion, Mugler imagines a new fragrance

Alien Fusion, Mugler imagines a niche fragrance
Alien Fusion, Mugler imagines a niche fragrance

Alien Fusion, the two new scented UFOs by Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler launched into perfumery on the hats of wheels, imagining a very innovative and now world famous essence: Angel. He therefore had to live up to his ambitions when he designed his second feminine perfume, in 2005. Alien immediately appeared to be the incarnation of a solar woman, a sort of modern divinity, imposing her benevolence on the world and radiant. with a floral and woody radiance. Today, this icon of feminine perfumery is reinventing itself and appears in a new limited edition Alien Fusion.

Alien Fusion, a new flaming red goddess

Let’s start by detailing the bottle of this new perfume. Indeed, the surprise undeniably begins with the discovery of its new design. Alien Fusion clearly shows its belonging to the Thierry Mugler family and reappropriates the bottle of its predecessor. Its shape has remained the same and looks like some kind of precious stone carved like a jewel. In contrast, the purple amethyst of yesteryear has disappeared in favor of a more vivid and flamboyant ruby ​​red. This bottle remains infinitely precious and is inspired by the prominent and sculptural shape of a jewel. Three golden claws still enclose this perfume and protect the precious juice it contains. The red color of Alien Fusion evokes the heat of the sun and the ardor of its scent. So, this visual says a lot about its fragrant recipe. Alien Fusion is presented to us in a red and white cardboard box. Nonetheless, as if to echo the very first version of Alien, his name is inscribed in purple letters on its front face.

The floral and spicy breath of Alien Fusion

On the scent side, Alien Fusion is aimed at all women with character. Preserving the benevolence of its elder, this juice is endowed with an indomitable ardor and is not made to leave you indifferent. Alien Fusionbegins with a spicy and aphrodisiac combination of ginger and cinnamon. From then on, her aphrodisiac sensuality resurfaces from her first breath. Its heart, for its part, is more tender and luminous, combining orange blossom and tuberose. This bouquet is also enriched with an exotic and warm vanilla. Alien Fusion thus offers itself a sun cure before the arrival of summer. Finally, white amber completes this composition and further reveals its sensuality. Alien Fusion is a perfume for all women who are not afraid of anything and who like to show the world their singular power. This composition is signed by the talented perfumers Fanny Bal and Dominique Ropion.

Of course, the Alien Fusion perfume is far from being the only reinterpretation of this cult fragrance. So, let yourself be tempted by this new edition or will you prefer the previous Alien Flora Futura, Alien Musc Mystérieux, Alien Eau Sublime, Alien Oud Majestic or Alien Aqua Chic, to name only a small part of this vast collection. ?

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