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Agua Del Sol, Escada’s summer fragrance for summer 2016

Agua Del Sol, Escada's summer fragrance for summer 2016
Agua Del Sol, Escada’s summer fragrance for summer 2016

Every year, women around the world never tire of it: they wait with increasing impatience for Escada ‘s announcement of its summer fragrance . Indeed, since 1993, the house has been repeating this tradition year after year and amazed the world of perfumery. In addition, it is to this house that we owe the famous idea of ​​the ephemeral perfume, often copied but never equaled. The principle is simple: Escada creates a fragrance that only lives for a season. This Agua Del Sol perfume is a kind of homage to sunny days, a kind of offering to the gods to thank them for bringing us back the good weather.

Escada limited editions

The first limited edition of Escada was called Chiffon Sorbet. It was therefore born in 1993 and was the first fragrance in a long line. It was then directly inspired by Escada’s spring / summer clothing collection and became a kind of olfactory extension. The latter presented itself as a fresh and juicy delicacy to be enjoyed under the scorching sun. In addition, all the perfumes that followed adopted this form. Without exception, they all embody a foretaste of sunny vacations. They are full of joy and life and sniffing them is enough to instill a spirit of celebration. What is more, women are found in these fragrances. They are warm and sensual. However, they remain very stylish and modern. They are the perfect combination of class and a more relaxed style. This line of essences seems to have come straight from Spain and the sun shines through their bottle. Escada summer perfumes are designed as fashion accessories, renewed each year, to be always more at the forefront of modernity.

Agua Del Sol, sun-drenched water

Also, even if Escada has not yet revealed everything about its niche fragrance, we already know that the bottle will be faithful to the typical design of its predecessors. This case retains its oval shape and always starts with a nice color gradient. The base of the bottle is blue like the sea and evolves into the bright yellow hue of the sun. Moreover, its somewhat rounded shape is reminiscent of the typically feminine forms of a pretty woman. The Andalusian universe is omnipresent and it is also a pretty Spanish woman who comes to honor the packaging with her sparkling presence. The fragrance of Agua Del Sol opens with notesmandarin citrus giving the whole an incomparable dynamism. Then, fruity notes of raspberry sorbets come in. Subtle and frivolous, Agua Del Sol will appeal to the most gourmet by providing a fair dose of sweets. This scent is decidedly seductive and it already seems to be the ideal partner for our next vacation. Then, her heart exudes a deep femininity through the contribution of a bouquet of roses with an intoxicating scent. Finally, the tonka bean wraps it all up. It brings a very natural and gentle aspect, halfway between amber and oriental notes.

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