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Agua Del Sol, an ode to scented escape

Agua Del Sol, an ode to escape
Agua Del Sol, an ode to escape

Founded in 1976 by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley, Escada is a brand filled with love. Indeed, the name of the brand is the name of the horse on which the couple of lovers had bet during their honeymoon. Escada’s primary vocation is to democratize haute couture. Originality then mingles with sophistication, all at a very affordable price. The brand’s first fragrance pays homage to Margaretha, then deceased, and is simply called “Escada Margaretha”. In 2016, Escada presents the 24th limited edition of Escada with a summer fragrance to say the least “Agua Del Sol”.

Summer and the fragrance of Escada

Every year, women around the world await their summery scent, the limited edition unveiling by Escada. Indeed, since 1993, Escada has been offering a limited edition of a summer scent. The idea of ​​the ephemeral perfume thus comes from the house of Escada, an idea that they maintain with talent. Every year, Escada pays homage to the sun, the sea, the sand and the golden skin, the relaxation, and the Escada fragrance is worn like a fashion accessory. In 2016, Escada unveiled “Agua Del Sol”, which means “Water from the sun”. It will therefore be a fragrance that perfectly represents summer in all that it entails. “Agua Del Sol” leaves colorful scents. Dynamic and sunny, “Agua Del Sol” melts in the sun on your skin, even more intensely than sunscreen, and leaves you with a dreamy scent.

The sun-kissed notes of Agua Del Sol

“Agua Del Sol” looks like a fruit cocktailand begins with the citrus notes of mandarin. Added to this are the fruity notes of pear and raspberry. The heart of “Agua Del Sol” mixes the fruity and sweet notes of apricot with the ultra floral notes of rose. Finally, the base is sensual and combines sandalwood, white musks and tonka bean. The bottle remains faithful to the design of the original bottle. The bottle therefore retains its oval shape and still offers a magnificent color gradient. At its base, the bottle reveals the color of the sea, blue, while the top represents the color of the sun, yellow. On the front of the bottle, you can admire dazzling bright pink and white flowers. The whole is surmounted by a steel cap engraved with the name of the brand, giving the whole a final dose of elegance.

Like every summer, the Escada brand presents a limited edition. The one for 2016 is called “Agua Del Sol”. Sunny, dynamic and sensual, the summer fragrance 2016 is there to make you spend unforgettable holidays.

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