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Yves Saint Laurent – Yvresse

Yves Saint Laurent - Yvresse
Yves Saint Laurent – Yvresse

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Perfume Yvresse YSL

Yvresse, with fruity, floral and chypre accords, famous for Mr Saint Laurent “the wedding of celebration and creation”.
With Yvresse, the perfume becomes subversive and Cyprus becomes festive: life is tasted like champagne, with finesse and intensity.
Yvresse writes a new page of Yves Saint Laurent’s declaration of love to women: a page of freedom that celebrates play, the enjoyment of life and pure pleasure without restrictive morals. A new freedom that appears.
The Yves Saint Laurent woman allows herself a sensuality without the influence of the gaze of others; she dances because she likes to dance, without waiting for someone to invite her.

At the top, nectarine and lychee induce an exacerbated sparkling fruity sensation. At the heart, the absolute femininity of a rose accord invites the violet flower to the party. The background is revealed in an assumed sensuality that nothing retains. Patchouli keeps the sophistication and elegance that an Yves Saint Laurent woman never shies away from.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory family: Chypré – Fruity

Head note: Peach, Apricot, Star Anise, Cumin.

Heart note: Rose, Carnation, Cinnamon, Jasmine.

Base note: Vanilla, Styrax, Cedarwood.

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