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Yves Saint Laurent – Pop Water Lip Polish

Yves Saint Laurent Pop Water Lip Polish 201
Yves Saint Laurent Pop Water Lip Polish 201

Discover a new texture of lip polish that combines the texture and shine of a gloss with the hold of a lipstick

Pop Water Lip Polish

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Pop Water Lip Polish has a translucent texture with a wet effect. Its advantage its formula contains moisturizing agents for the comfort of a lipstick throughout the day. So your lips remain supple and comfortable.

8 shades are available they allow you to color your lips with a shiny shade with a water mirror effect. These eight colors are both transparent and intense for a pop finish.

The ergonomically shaped foam applicator allows optimal application by depositing the right amount of product on your lips.

Yves Saint Laurent Visual Pop Water Lip polish
Yves Saint Laurent Visual Pop Water Lip polish

Available in 8 shades:

N ° 201 Dewy Red : an explosion of fresh and radiant red
N ° 202 Splash Rouge: a splash of red that will not go unnoticed
N ° 203 Eau de Corail: an aquatic coral, summer must-have
N ° 204 Onde Rose: u delicious wave of rose
N ° 205 Pink Rain: an irresistibly thirst-quenching raspberry
N ° 206 Misty Pink : a refined pink mist
N ° 207 Juicy Peach : a succulent peach
N ° 208 Wet Nude : a voluptuous beige, which gives water To the mouth

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