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Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eye Brow

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eye Brow
Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eye Brow

Revolutionary and classic, the Yves Saint Laurent style has become obvious. Born in Oran (Algeria) in 1936, Yves Saint Laurent moved to Paris at the age of 18 in order to study at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture. After working for Dior creations, the young Yves Saint Laurent launched his own brand in 1961 with the help of his friend, Pierre Bergé. Today, the YSL house is the symbol of French elegance and Parisian chic. Between haute couture, cosmetics, skincare and perfumes, the YSL brand has never ceased to dazzle us. Here, she presents “Couture Eye Brow Mascara Eyebrow Fixing Gel”.

the secret of a mascara that sculpts your eyebrows: Couture Eye Brow Mascara Eyebrow Fixing Gel By Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent “Couture Eye Brow Mascara Eyebrow Fixing Gel” is an eyebrow sculpting mascara. It not only allows you to intensify your gaze, but also to structure and fix your eyebrows. Created by Lloyd Simmonds, “Couture Brow Mascara” gives you the opportunity to magnify your eyes and give your brows the intensity you want, for 24 hours. Its formula, composed of gelling fixatives and semi-opaque pigments, adapts to all eyebrow colors, ensuring optimal comfort, ultra-long hold as well as the choice of intensity. Its slight glossy 3D effect gives an impression of completely natural volume.

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eye Brow Mascara Eyebrow Fixing Gel, application advice

It is recommended to start by creating a uniform base all along the eyebrow. Then brush upwards to define the structure. Then, underline your brow bone with the end of the brush to give even more power to the expression of your gaze, if you wish. Discreet and elegant, your eyebrow mascara is very easy to carry and will land naturally in your handbag.


Yves Saint Laurent “Couture Eye Brow Mascara Eyebrow Fixing Gel” marvelously sculpts your eyebrows. Thanks to it, your gaze takes shape, intensifies according to your desires.

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