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YSL – Black Opium Le Fluide

YSL - Black Opium Le Fluide
YSL – Black Opium Le Fluide

The Black Opium fragrance is a kind of modern, young and vibrant interpretation of addiction . It is a real dose of adrenaline in everyday life, delivering the energy necessary for the accomplishment of an ever more intense life. No wonder then that women around the world have been tearing it off since its release! Also, in the continuity of this success, Yves Saint-Laurent has decided to launch a brand new product from this range. Women all over the world are delighted to be able to take care of their bodies thanks to Black Opium Glitter Hydrating Fluid, a high-end cosmetic product enriched with a sensual and particularly intense fragrance.

The Yves Saint-Laurent woman

Like its predecessors, the new Glitter Hydrating FluidBlack Opium portrays to us an image of a glamorous and sassy woman. It releases a sensual, intense and hydrating scent. The Yves Saint-Laurent woman shows us her different facets. She is both carefree and a bit boyish without ever losing any of her refinement. She appears to be freed from all constraints, approaching life as she sees fit. Impulsive and always on the move, the Yves Saint-Laurent woman is fascinated by rock and experimental art, in perpetual quest for urban adventures. Also, its perfume is in its image: dangerously contemporary but sounding like obvious. Black Opium is the essence of all those who like to take risks, get drunk with desire and flirt with the forbidden. This perfume then transports us to a sort of illicit elsewhere, an intimate darkness illuminated by an intrepid, sulphurous and passionate femininity. Also, this is exactly what it is about in this new Yves Saint-Laurent treatment. The Glitter Moisturizing Fluid appears to be the perfect continuation of its perfumed counterparts, always ultra rock while taking care of the skin.

The new Black Opium Glitter Hydrating Fluid

On the scent side, this translates into an intense, vibrant and energizing accord of black coffee. This appears from the top notes of this Glitter Hydrating Fluid. The latter then provides the dose of adrenaline necessary for an ever more intense daily life. Then, the rock spirit of this treatment gives way to a luminous and always very energetic heart. This one is full of orange blossom, an ingredient with a floral, green and powdery scent. Finally, the Black Opium Glitter Hydrating Fluid evolves towards a more intense and deep base. The cedar deposits its dry and resinous scent there while the patchouli explodes with its complex, woody and earthy intensity. Moreover, in addition to offering us a captivating scent, Yves Saint-Laurent Glitter Hydrating Fluid is ideally designed to take care of the skin. Its moisturizing formula sublimates the epidermis on a daily basis in a glittery radiance allowing you to shine with a thousand lights. Its texture deposits a thin layer of glitter on the skin while guaranteeing its elasticity and daily hydration. The Black Opium Glitter Moisturizing Fluid then becomes a must and it is difficult to do without. Its vibrant chiaroscuro play is particularly addicting and guarantees you everyday well-being.

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