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Versace – Bright Crystal

Versace Bright Crystal
Versace Bright Crystal

Feminine pillar, love potion from the will of Donatella Versace

Bright crystal

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Bright Crystal is pure sensuality, transparent like crystal, luminous like the sun reflecting on Crystal. Versace Bright Crystal is a precious jewel of rare beauty.

Fragrance – Bright Crystal

A captivating and voluptuous, eloquent fragrance, perfectly symbolizing the Versace woman, determined and sure of her charm, sensual and feminine, always glamorous. A woman who loves to wrap herself in a fragrance delicately revealing colorful and juicy grains of pomegranate, icy freshness and sparkling yuzu. The beauty of magnolia, peony and lotus flower offers voluptuousness and transparency, while vegetal amber, delicately sensual, delights the senses.

Bottle – Bright Crystal

The bottle is extraordinary: a rich glass, deliberately essential lines, the transparency of which completes the rosy delicacy of the fragrance. The particularly elegant faceted crystal stopper, sparkling like a diamond, seals this extremely pure bouquet.

Olfactory family: Floral, Fruity, Musky.

Top notes: Pomegranate, Yuzu

Heart Notes: Magnolia, Peony, Lotus Flower

Base notes: Vegetable amber

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