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Thierry Mulger – A * Men Ultra Zest

A * Men Ultra Zest Thierry Mugler
A * Men Ultra Zest Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler is launching a new men’s fragrance in the A * men range. New olfactory imagination, it follows limited editions such as A * Men Pure Wood, A * Men Pure Malt, A * Men Pure Energy, A * Men Pure Havane

A * Men Ultra Zest

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A * Men Ultra Zest is a new concentration of the A * Men fragrance. It is fresher and more colorful, it is a concentrate of acidulous vitamin. A fragrance that will bring you energy and good humor.

A * Men Ultra Zest follows on from the different limited editions with notes of intense coffee, precious woods, masculine leather, Cuban tobacco and sweet spices that marked the previous versions of the famous A * Men.

This year Mugler tingles the imagination with luminous citrus mixed with the composition of the A * Men moose fragrance. A * Men Ultra Zest is a harmony of luminous aromas. It was created by Jacques Huclier and Quintin Bisch de Givaudan.

Perfume – A * Men Ultra Zest

A * Men ultra zest pub Mugler
pA * Men ultra zest pub Mugler

A * Men Ultra Zest is a fragrance with a charismatic and daring personality. A * Men by Thierry Mugler is part of a legendary and fantastic universe. It is the incarnation of a modern hero with current and futuristic life, a hero between two times. A * Men is above all the scent of a free man, who thrives in a hectic life of activity.

A * Men Ultra Zest is to be used in the morning for an awakening full of vitality.

The latest creation from Mugler, A * Men Ultra Zest is a superior quality fragrance. The play of hot and cold spices is refreshed by citrus fruits which evokes a pleasant feeling of summer morning with the first rays of the sun warming your skin.

Bottle – A * Men Ultra Zest

The bottle is coated with an intense orange gum to illustrate the vitality shown by modern man. In its center we find the iridescent Mugler star in shades of orange and yellow.

Olfactory Family: Hesperide – Woody – Spicy

Notes: Mandarin, Red orange, ginger, peppermint.

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