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Thierry Mugler – Angel Silver Brilliant Star

Thierry Mugler Silver Brillant Star Angel
Thierry Mugler Silver Brillant Star Angel

Thierry Mugler launches a new collector’s star for the Angel perfume.

Angel Silver Brillant Star

Bottle Angel Silver Brillant Star

New silver star encrusted with sparkling Swarovski crystals, a celebration of dramatic and dramatic style.

The Angel Silver Brillant Star bottle accentuates the reliefs of Angel’s legendary star. It shines in silver gray tones and is also decorated with Swarovski crystals in white and blue colors. Swaroski crystals evoke the mood of happiness and vacation. Angel Étoile Silver Brilliant emphasizes the optimism and beauty of Angel perfume.

Angel Silver Brillant Star Thierry Mugler Pub
Angel Silver Brillant Star Thierry Mugler Pub

The story of Angel begins in 1992, Thierry Mugler breaks the codes of traditional perfumery to give women a unique, immediately recognizable fragrance: a fragrance never felt, never seen, never imagined… which will become a reference. Drawing on his childhood memories, Thierry Mugler brings to life a glamorous fragrance based on the unexpected and daring marriage of patchouli and gourmet flavors. A perfume of a woman half angel half demon, bewitching and liberated.

A jewel of technical prowess, Angel’s star, designed by Thierry Mugler himself, will leave traces of genuine innovation in the history of perfume bottles. Cut in the blue of the sky, faceted like a diamond, the star captures the light to shine with all its brilliance. Revealing our deepest dreams, this messenger of the firmament watches over us …

Each Star is unique, also, to allow women to keep their precious bottles, some Angel Stars are recharged as if by magic. All you have to do is return to the Source at your perfumer or use a Source Flask …

Angel Eau de Parfum

An original creation born from the childhood memories of Thierry Mugler. A real olfactory tattoo, unique and bewitching, it transforms women through its different facets:

Olfactory Family: Oriental Gourmand

Celestial Facet: Bergamot

Delight Facet: Red Fruits

Voluptuous facet: Vanilla / Patchouli

Find it at the best price at our perfume partner: Angel – Fragrenza Perfumes as well as all the products of the Thierry Mugler brand .

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