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The top 5 gourmet perfumes for men

Gourmet perfumes are fairly recent in the history of perfumery. They appeared in the 90s and are today one of the most popular olfactory categories. Nevertheless, sweet scents are generally more prevalent in women’s perfumery than on the men’s side . Never mind, we still suggest you discover our top 5 gourmet male fragrances!

1 – A * Men, a perfume signed Thierry Mugler, father of gourmet perfumes

Men's Perfume Gourmand A Men Mugler
Men’s Perfume Gourmand A Men Mugler

Thierry Mugler and gourmet essences

A * Men is far from being a first attempt for designer Thierry Mugler. Indeed, when he made the Angel perfume in 1992, it was the very first gourmet perfume in history.

True success, he opened the way to many other compositions. It is therefore natural that Thierry Mugler decided to decline it for men. A * Men was created in 1996, materializing a sort of contemporary hero, both current and futuristic.

A * Men, a gourmet but contrasting scent

A * Men by Thierry Mugler is a gourmet fragrance, with a falsely sweet but very masculine sweetness. Indeed, its scent is based on a dry and powerful woody accord. Its start is somewhat metallic, minty and peppery. Then, A * Men gradually becomes more aromatic.

Lavender and coriander give way to a more explosive and full-bodied coffee. Finally, its base is enveloped in musk, tonka bean and styrax for a more seductive and sensual finish.

2- Fuel For Life, a digest of optimism signed by Diesel

Men's Perfume Gourmand Fuel For Life Diesel
Men’s Perfume Gourmand Fuel For Life Diesel

Fuel For Life, smile for life!

Fuel For Life by Diesel is a fragrance that celebrates the joy of living every day. It makes us forget the gloom of our sometimes too strict and sanitized daily life. With him, it’s all about optimism and simplicity. Fuel For Life Il by Diesel is a digest of happiness that inspires you to enjoy life.

It is aimed at all those who like to live dangerously, and who are in constant search of exhilarating experiences.

Fuel For Life, a woody and spicy treat

Diesel Fuel For Life begins with a powerful blast of star anise. Then, this communicative energy is relayed by bitter and mischievous aromas of grapefruit and raspberry. The fruity aspect of this juice gains in elegance on contact with the everlasting flower. Lavender makes the whole look more masculine.

The heliotrope envelops everything in its powdery vapors before Fuel For Life ends with a more musky wake.

3 – Only The Brave High by Diesel, a scent of self-assertion

Perfume Gourmand Homme Only The Brave Diesel
Perfume Gourmand Homme Only The Brave Diesel

Only The Brave High, a fragrance of conviction

Only The Brave High is a juice filled with confidence, intended for all men who like to take charge of their life. It seems thought to give them the energy necessary for their own accomplishment.

Only The Brave High encourages you to always surpass yourself to achieve your goals. With him, everything is a question of rhythm and pulsation. This is a bold scent made for men who aren’t afraid to show off for who they are.

Only The Brave High, an explosive juice

Only The Brave High was created in 2017, well after the first Only The Brave of 2009. It is a more aquatic and explosive juice.

Its freshness flies on a powerful and peppery ginger, associated with grapefruit and peppermint. The yuzu reinforces its liveliness. Only The Brave High is finally based on a more amber background also containing geranium.

4 – Santal Majuscule, a dive into the intimacy of Serge Lutens

Perfume Gourmand Man Santal Majuscule Lutens
Perfume Gourmand Man Santal Majuscule Lutens

An immersion in the world of Serge Lutens

Santal Majuscule est un parfum assez atypique et mystérieux, comme chacune des compositions de Serge Lutens. Néanmoins, il met en avant les goûts personnels du créateur et ses souvenirs.

Tout d’abord, il faut bien reconnaître que Serge Lutens aime particulièrement le bois de santal, et qu’il utilise très souvent dans ses compositions. Ensuite, le mot « Majuscule » fait référence à l’enfance de Serge Lutens, alors qu’il s’amusait à décorer les majuscules de ses livres de jolis dessins.

L’écriture complexe de Santal Majuscule

Comme toujours, avec Santal Majuscule, Serge Lutens ne fait pas dans la simplicité. Il s’agit d’une composition olfactive précieuse et dotée d’une écriture complexe.

Son souffle parfumé débute par un bois de santal précieux et noble. Rapidement, l’ingrédient star de ce parfum est rejoint par un cacao plus gourmand. Enfin, cette composition s’achève par une rose de Damas plus élégante, fraîche et poivrée.

5 – Body Kouros, une divinité vivante signée Yves Saint-Laurent

Perfume Gourman Homme Body Kouros Yves Saint Laurent
Parfum Gourman Homme Body Kouros Yves Saint Laurent

Body Kouros, un voyage initiatique dans le for intérieur des hommes

Body Kouros est une interprétation moderne d’un Dieu vivant, à la puissance inégalée. Body Kouros s’imagine tel un gentleman séduisant, vif d’esprit et à la stature imposante.

Il s’agit d’un véritable idéal à atteindre pour les hommes, tant sur le plan physique que mental. Dès lors, Body Kouros nous offre un voyage au plus profond de la masculinité, révélant le côté clair-obscur de chaque être qui le porte.

Body Kouros, une fragrance complexe

À l’image de cette introspection, Body Kouros nous offre un voyage initiatique complexe et magnétique. Il étonne autant qu’il fascine. Son départ est vif, associant des épices et de l’eucalyptus. Puis, Body Kouros se réchauffe progressivement au contact du bois de cèdre et du camphrier.

Tout en contraste, il incite à la méditation et n’en devient que plus pénétrant. Finalement, il s’achève par la douceur plus réconfortante du benjoin.

Vous l’aurez compris, les parfums gourmands masculins peuvent revêtir de multiples personnalités. Ils possèdent généralement un fort tempérament et sont gorgés d’optimisme. Ils accentuent la sensualité et feront de vous une créature à croquer !

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