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The new Guerlain perfume: Intense Leather

The latest Guerlain perfume: Intense Leather
The latest Guerlain perfume: Intense Leather

Intense leather, Guerlain pays tribute to one of the most emblematic raw materials of perfumery

The Guerlain house is one of the most famous perfume brands on the planet. Throughout its 1,200 different creations, Guerlain can boast of having used almost all natural materials, or almost, to indulge your sense of smell. To pay tribute to its favorite ingredients, often from distant lands, Guerlain has created an exceptional collection: Les Absolus d’Orient. This time, it is an animal and seductive raw material that is put forward. Focus on Cuir Intense by Guerlain, the sixth fragrance in the Absolus d’Orient range.

The Absolus d’Orient collection

Guerlain’s Absolus d’Orient collection pays tribute to exotic raw materials in perfumery. Indeed, all the perfumers of the Guerlain family have always been very inspired by their travels. Many have traveled to the eastern part of the globe to give birth to true legends of perfumery, like, for example, the iconic Shalimar. Guerlain’s idea here is to select some of the most beautiful raw materials used by perfumers and to highlight them by adding other elements in the background. This time, you will understand, the star of this perfume is none other than leather. Its warm and animal scent gives us all its sensuality and complexity, giving birth to an exceptional essence, as only Guerlain has the secret.

Why does the smell of leather appeal to us?

If the smell of leather is very frequently used by perfumers, it is quite simply because it is a scent that is very popular around the world, both by women and men. Intense Leather seems to have all the richness of this element in it. Its note is both soft as suede and powerful as a whip. Its scent is ambivalent, sometimes prestigious and delicate or more erotic and tempting. If the leather evokes for some the scent of an old schoolbag, for others it recalls the scent of a biker jacket, or even that of vertiginous pumps. Leather has the gift of awakening memories and thus acts like a veritable Proust madeleine, imbued with nostalgia.

Intense leather, a contrasting and suave essence

Presented in a reinterpretation of the legendary Guerlain Bee Flask, Intense Leather is a powerful and contrasting juice. Of course, leather is the main element. This perfume pays homage to its strength, flexibility and sensuality. Rich in contrasts, Intense Leather is sometimes illuminated with flowers, more fruity or even woody and structured. This powerful scent softens with a slightly apricot note on contact with osmanthus, before gaining strength with the addition of Virginia cedar. Designed by Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s exclusive perfumer, Cuir Intense is a captivating and powerful fragrance, revealing all the most beautiful contrasts of leather, a material highly acclaimed by the greatest noses on the planet.

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