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The glittery and illuminated bottle of Black Opium Floral Shock

The glittery and illuminated bottle of Black Opium Floral Shock
The glittery and illuminated bottle of Black Opium Floral Shock

In this year 2017, the Yves Saint-Laurent house wanted to enrich its Black Opium range with a newcomer. This one is called Black Opium Floral Shock and could well be by far the freshest and lightest of all the variations of the legendary Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent. It is, moreover, a floral, fruity and greedy juice, particularly contrasted. Nevertheless, this metamorphosis would be nothing without a bottle to sublimate its transformation. So let’s see how the designers of Yves Saint-Laurent worked to transform the silhouettes of this iconic perfume.

Black Opium Floral Shock, a bottle very inspired by those of its elders

First of all, let’s note that the visual of Black Opium Floral Shockcomes from a long heritage. This has been considerably modernized. Nevertheless, it retains many elements of the very first Opium part of 1977. This one did not go unnoticed and took us into an almost exotic universe. Indeed, to make its bottle, the Yves Saint-Laurent house was at the time inspired by an Inrô, a small precious case that used to be possessed by warriors from the Far East. Filled with exoticism, this bottle contained an Asian charm. What’s more, its historical connotation only made it more appealing. Likewise, it only added an element of timelessness to it. Moreover, although having celebrated its 40 years of existence, this initial bottle still seems perfectly adapted to our present time. Opium was notably presented in a red hull.

The new visual developed by Yves Saint-Laurent

If Black Opium Floral Shock has indeed evolved, it takes the same rectangular shape as the first Opium as well as its glass porthole placed in its center. This one boldly combines a square shape with more feminine curves. Today, the color of its juice has swapped its orange color for a pink more feminine than ever. Likewise, Black Opium Floral Shock took on a festive air. Today it is embellished with many sequins. Black in its Black Opium version, these are now white or pale pink for a most sparkling look. Unquestionably, Black Opium Floral Shock is a fragrance aimed at the daring Black Opium Floral Shock women of our time. This one displays a perfect contrast between dark shades and brilliant colors. So, it wonderfully reflects the duality of the character of women. Its cabochon, for its part, forms a black half-moon. More than ever, beneath her apparent lightness, the Black Opium Floral Shock woman remains a creature of the night. The result is an absolutely fascinating visual.

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