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The exoticism of Rem L’Acqua de Réminiscence

The exoticism of Rem L'Acqua de Réminiscence
The exoticism of Rem L’Acqua de Réminiscence

The history of the Rem de Réminiscence perfume takes us to the heart of the summer of 1996.

Indeed, it is on this date that this bestseller of the brand was born. This one smells like the holidays and for good reason… It takes its inspiration from a stay in Saint-Barthélemy! After all, what better place to create an essence of exemplary longevity? Also, in order to celebrate its anniversary, Réminiscence has decided to release a new version this year. Rem L’Acqua will therefore make its appearance by April 2016 and could well become your ideal companion for the next vacation.

The summer smells of Reminiscence

Whether through its perfumes or its jewelry, the Réminiscence brand likes to make us travel. Also, it is out of the question that this is a journey in gloomy weather. Reminiscence loves the sun above all else and shows it in each of its fragrances. Indeed, the latter tirelessly remind us of solar amber. In addition, they contain salicylates, molecules typically used in UV protection. In this case, in Europe, our summer olfactory reference is solar amber. However, this is built around salicylates. On the other hand, in the United States, the reference sunscreen product is Hawaiian and offers a very opulent fragrance built around coconut notes. Everything is then a question of reference. Too, Reminiscence clearly plays on the European sensitive chord. If today, salicylates are no longer used for their sun protection considered insufficient, their smell, for its part, is still associated with sunny days. It is therefore a real pleasure to find this scent in each creation signed Réminiscence and in particular in the new Rem L’Acqua.

The iodized scent of Rem L’Acqua

Rem L’Acqua is, as usual, a very poetic juice. Also, it can be felt right in its bottle. This takes the form of a flat, round and smooth pebble. It is identical to the case of its elderif not with regard to its color. Indeed, Rem L’Acqua wants to be clearer than ever. Its color evolves from a turquoise blue towards an extreme transparency. Its cabochon, meanwhile, retains its seaweed shape but seems more than ever thought to play with light. On the scent side, Rem L’Acqua starts off with a tangy surge full of bergamot. This citrus fruit then releases its zesty and sparkling aspect. Then, everything evolves into a feeling of a beach heated by the sun. In this case, Rem L’Acqua contains sea salt as well as the floral and chypre scent of narcissus. Its wake is meant to be deeper. It is based on woody tones. Nevertheless, an amber accord seems to release tones of vanilla, benzoin, labdanum and musk. The latter then gives the whole an animal and intense aspect. In this sense, Rem L’Acqua is also a sensual fragrance. However, it is not heady and its lightness makes it a perfect summer scent.

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