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The different Sisley Pencils and Liners

Above all, the Sisley brand is a family brand that was born out of a love story. Born from the inventiveness of a visionary and determined couple, Sisley quickly became one of the most popular cosmetics brands on the planet. Sisley has a very in-depth knowledge of natural raw materials. It is therefore all his knowledge in terms of phytocosmetology that reappears in his make-up products. As such, its pencils and liners are very respectful of the skin.

The Phyto-Khol Perfect

The Phyto-Khol Perfect
The Phyto-Khol Perfect

The Phyto-Khol Perfect, a pencil for many makeup possibilities

Sisley’s Phyto-Khol Perfect is on the surface a fairly straightforward product. This is a small makeup pencil used to sublimate the look. However, it is embellished with two different tips, which leaves room for many variations of possible makeup. Its pencil is sharpened for more precision and leaves a clear and precise line on your eyes. Its foam tip, on the other hand, allows you to fade the color for a smokier makeup.

The different finishes of Phyto-Khol Perfect

The Phyto-Khol Perfect also gives free rein to all your creativity because it is available in 10 different colors. Likewise, its texture is modulated. Thus, the Phyto-Khol Perfect exists in metallic, mat or iridescent renderings. Smooth and melting, the Phyto-Khol Perfect glides over your skin. It is also enriched with natural oils and waxes that respect your skin.

The Phyto-Khol Star

The Phyto-Khol Star
The Phyto-Khol Star

The Phyto-Khol Star, a product inspired by oriental beauty

The Phyto-Khol Star , as its name suggests, is directly inspired by the traditional oriental kohl, one of the oldest and most popular make-up on the planet. Thus, it is aimed at a wide variety of women. The Phyto-Khol Star is essential to enhance your sensuality. Infinitely glamorous, it brings more depth and intensity to your face.

The intense and luminous pigments of Phyto-Khol Star

Sisley’s Phyto-Khol Star incorporates light reflecting pigments. These capture the luminosity and deposit it on your eyes in the form of sparkling reflections. These are almost imperceptible but attract attention. They give more liveliness and elegance to your eyes. Also know that the Phyto-Khol Star is enriched with natural active ingredients that take care of your eyelid durably. Finally, unlike traditional kohl, Phyto-Khol Star exists in several color variations.

Like all Sisley products, the brand’s pencils and liners are at the forefront of trends and scientific advancements. Their ambition? Revolutionize the world of make-up from year to year. Thus, their formula continues to improve. Sisley’s eye pencils are among the most prestigious cosmetics on the planet. They fervently defend the founding values ​​of the brand, namely quality, innovation and entrepreneurship. Sisley’s pencils and liners are one of the flagships of luxury in France and internationally.

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