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The different Quatre de Boucheron fragrances

Originally, the Boucheron brand is a jewelry house that settled on the mythical Place Vendôme in 1893. Lover of stones and nature, Frédéric Boucheron likes to create jewelry in the shape of an animal, such as snakes, birds, cats… The brand is highly acclaimed and launched into perfumery in 1988 with a fragrance soberly named Boucheron Femme, with the precious feature since the bottle has the shape of a ring. In 2015, Boucheron gave birth to another magnificent feminine fragrance Quatre. Modern and ultra contemporary, Quatre will give birth to many variations.

Quatre Boucheron, when jewelry meets perfumery …

The ultra feminine notes of Quatre Boucheron

Quatre Boucheron, when jewelry meets perfumery
Quatre Boucheron, when jewelry meets perfumery

In 2015, the Boucheron house signed one of its greatest successes with Quatre de Boucheron . A feminine fragrance par excellence, Quatre is also refined and delicate. The name of the perfume comes from a ring that the brand created in 2004, and which has 4 rings. The first represents the alliance of two gold rings, the second takes up the Clous de Paris motif, inspired by the cobblestones of Parisian streets. The third ring is adorned with diamonds in a pavé version.

Finally, the last will be drawn in a coarse grain pattern. An unwavering link between perfumery and jewelry, Quatre is the perfect symbol of the success of the Boucheron house. Its composition takes off on the fresh and tangy notes of orange and tangerine. The heart is floral thanks to the presence of rose and jasmine, associated with the dynamism of red fruits. Finally, the trail is full of sensuality and combines white musks and cashmeran.


Quatre for Men, charisma pushed to its peak

Quatre for Men, charisma pushed to its peak
Quatre for Men, charisma pushed to its peak

A heritage of jewelry with Quatre for Men

Here, the iconic Boucheron ring features an ultra masculine shape, with a pale blue nectar. Quatre for Men has struck a balance between a heritage of tradition and modernity. If the Boucheron man is powerful and determined, he has kept the elegance of his female namesake. The Quatre for Men advertising campaign features a man endowed with rare elegance and unusual charisma. Its composition is daring, just like its personality.

Its composition takes off on the freshness of a sun-drenched lemon, a lemon that combines with violet leaves. Her heart is filled with femininity thanks to the presence of jasmine and rose. Finally, the base is intended to be deeper and ultra sensual and will harmoniously blend patchouli, cashmere wood and musks.


Quatre Absolue de Nuit, and elegance shrouds itself in mystery

Quatre Absolue de Nuit, and elegance shrouds itself in mystery
Quatre Absolue de Nuit, and elegance shrouds itself in mystery

The floral and gourmet notes of Quatre Absolue de Nuit

Quatre Absolue de Nuit embodies the new woman of the Boucheron house. If she is as elegant as her eldest, she nevertheless wants to be much more mysterious. Quatre Absolue de Nuit takes us into the romanticism of Paris, at nightfall, through its cobbled streets. If the ring has kept its 4 precious layers, the “Clou de Paris” ring is tinted for the occasion in a truly mysterious brown. Magnetic, the bottle looks like a real jewel.

Charismatic, the Boucheron woman will be seduced here during a Parisian ballad. The top notes begin with bitter almond, associated with Italian bergamot and rose berries. The heart is astonishing, because it combines jasmine, pear and tonka bean, for an ultra gourmet finish. Carnal, the base mixes amber woods, sandalwood and vanilla.


Quatre en Rose, an exacerbated femininity

Quatre en Rose, a féQuatre en Rose, an exacerbated femininity
Quatre en Rose, an exacerbated femininity

The floral and light tones of Quatre en Rose

Quatre en rose est la représentation parfaite de la féminité, une ode à la beauté lumineuse de la femme. À la fois solaire et pétillante, la fragrance Quatre en Rose est un enchantement infini. Sexy et charmeuse, la nouvelle femme Quatre Boucheron se veut délicieusement irrésistible. Au maximum de la féminité, Quatre en Rose se définit comme une essence florale, orientale et fruitée.

Sa composition débute par une association douce et fruitée avec la présence de la mandarine et du cassis associés aux tonalités suaves de davana. Le cœur est on ne peut plus féminin et conjugue l’absolue de rose, le jasmin et les fleurs de pêche. Enfin, son fond est sensuel à souhait et mêle le vétiver, les muscs blancs et le patchouli. Le nectar est contenu dans l’iconique flacon en forme de bague, teinté pour l’occasion, d’une couleur rose tendre.


Véritable star de la brand Boucheron, la fragrance Quatre est la représentation parfaite de la féminité. À la fois douce et élégante, Quatre est une fragrance luxueuse qui se veut également le lien entre la joaillerie et la parfumerie. Aussi éblouissantes qu’elle, ses déclinaisons sont des fragrances rares.

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