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The Different Narciso Perfumes by Narciso Rodriguez

Born in New Jersey in 1961, Narciso Rodriguez took styling courses at a very young age. Propelled on the front of the stage thanks to the wedding dress created for Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Narciso Rodriguez will dedicate her eternal affection to her and also her first perfume, For Her. Of Cuban origin, Narciso Rodriguez imposes a unique style at the crossroads of 3 influences namely American, European, and Latin. Among the most beautiful olfactory successes of Narciso Rodriguez, we also note For Him and Narciso. Released in 2014, Narciso is an ultra sensual feminine fragrance.

Narciso, a fragrance all in sensuality

Narciso, a fragrance all in sensuality
Narciso, a fragrance all in sensuality

The white flowers of Narciso

With the fragrance Narciso, Narciso Rodriguez wanted to pay tribute to the mystery of seduction. Narciso Rodriguez then affirms “I wanted to compose a sexy, frenzied fragrance, which no man would resist”. If the brand has chosen to give as the name of the perfume, the first name of the creator, it is not out of navel-gazing.

Indeed, “Narciso” echoes Greek mythology, and the myth of Narcissus tells us here, the story of an inexplicable attraction since Narcise possessed an incredible beauty which gave rise to the desire of many young girls. Here, the Narciso fragrance resembles an invitation to romanticism and purity. The thick square design bottle is dressed in white, reminiscent of the delicacy of a narcissus. The composition takes off on a floral accord composed of gardenia and Bulgarian rose. The heart is loaded with musks. The base will leave a sensual and musky trail, since it combines vetiver, red cedar wood and white Virginia cedar.


Pure Musk For Her

Pure Musk For Her
Pure Musk For Her

Pure Musc For Her, the woman full of contrasts according to Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez composed his first perfume in 2003 in homage to his friend who died too soon Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, as well as to all the women whose elegance and natural grace he admires. Between rose and jasmine, the For Her woman therefore offers herself on classic accords while exhaling a very modern fruity and ultra sensual charm, in the manner of the Narciso Rodriguez haute couture collections. Over the years, For Her will take on new forms, sometimes freshening up like For Her L’Eau in 2013, sometimes burning as with For Her l’Absolu de Parfum in 2015.
For this new scented section of 2019, Pure Musc For Her, Narciso Rodriguez and perfumer Sonia Constant have chosen to magnify the Egyptian musk note in For Her, making it as luminous and pure as it is divinely sensual and deep in order to highlight the extraordinary richness of the female personality.
Narciso Rodriguez thus tells for Pure Musc For Her that he wanted to “capture the intrinsic duality of women, their dark side and their luminous aura. Because it is precisely this contrast that makes the woman so mysterious. “.

The Egyptian musk of Pure Musc For Her plays with the light to bewitch us better

By dressing the beautiful, emblematic bottle of the For Her range in very graphic black and white colors for Pure Musc For Her, Narciso Rodriguez magnifies the feminine contrasts and highlights the famous note of Egyptian musk by playing on its different facets to surprise us. Pure Musc For her therefore wants to be above all a perfume of sobriety and sensuality which is only dressed in a woman’s skin to fully exist.
We first enter Pure Musc For Her through the most important olfactory ingredient in the For Her range, musk of course, which opens this beautiful fragrance with a very singular and overpowering start. Yet at the heart, the floral notes of jasmine and orange blossom bring a dazzling light to this so dark start, the light is bright and the femininity is radiant and sunny. Finally once again, we dive into powerful sensual shadows carried in the base notes by a divine cashmere wood which of course echoes the strength of the starting Egyptian musk.

Narciso Poudrée, a fragrance as feminine as it is contemporary

Narciso Poudrée, a fragrance as feminine as it is contemporary
Narciso Poudrée, a fragrance as feminine as it is contemporary

Musks once again at the heart of Narciso Poudrée

Narciso Poudrée is a variation that saw the light of day in 2016 and signed by the talented Aurélien Guichard, who affirms “ Narciso Poudrée  is a little floral, a little amber, a little woody with the vibrant side of cedar and the warmth of vetiver. The wording is simple, but the smell is very faceted ”. Narciso translates here the mystery of attraction. The seduction is then all in elegance. Velvety and sensual, Narciso Poudrée nevertheless displays a delicacy through strong and warm scents. Its smell is essentially based on that of musk, particularly warm and captivating.

Néanmoins, il est ici travaillé de manière plus poudrée ce qui le rend un peu plus aérien et léger. La composition s’envole sur la rose de Bulgarie, ultra féminine. Le cœur conjugue le jasmin sambac, la luminosité de la fleur d’oranger avec les muscs. Le fond est enveloppant avec la présence des bois ambrés, du cèdre, du vétiver, du patchouli et de la coumarine.


Narciso Rouge ou l’histoire d’une passion

Narciso Rouge or the story of a passion
Narciso Rouge ou l’histoire d’une passion

Le célèbre flacon se teinte en rouge passion

En 2018, Narciso Rodriguez présente une nouvelle déclinaison avec Narciso Rouge. Sobre et ultra élégant, Narciso Rouge affiche toujours une féminité, bien que cette dernière soit poussée à son apogée. Afin de représenter la passion brûlante qui caractérise la nouvelle déclinaison, le célèbre flacon de Narciso se teinte pour l’occasion d’un rouge vif.

Toujours aussi captivant, le cube de verre Narciso est éblouissant de sensualité. Plus charnel que jamais, le flacon renferme une composition qui lui correspond parfaitement. Passionnée et séductrice, Narciso Rouge est, une fois encore, représentée par la séduisante Raquel Zimmermann. La composition débutera la rose et de l’iris Bulgare. Puis, le cœur se gorgera, une nouvelle fois, de musc. Enfin, le fond conjugue un accord boisé-ambré composé de vétiver, de fève tonka, de cèdre noir et d’ambre.


Entre mystère et élégance, Narciso Rodriguez dévoile Narciso. La fragrance ultra féminine dégage une sensualité à fleur de peau. Déclinée à de nombreuses reprises, Narciso garde toujours l’ADN de la féminité absolue, celle qui correspond à toutes les femmes.

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