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The Different Kenzo Amour Perfumes

With its shimmering, young and modern prints, Kenzo Takada is quickly noticed. If he only keeps his first name, it is to offer a most intimate brand, into which he will breathe his passion for art. His first fragrance, Kenzo pour Homme, saw the light of day in 2010, but it was not until the Flower by Kenzo fragrance that the Japanese designer entered the world of perfumery for good. Among the brand’s other great olfactory successes, we also note “Flower in the Air, Kenzo Jungle, Kenzo World” and Kenzo Power. Kenzo Amour was born in 2006 and tells the story of a trip to Asia.

Kenzo Amour, a concentrate of emotions

Kenzo Amour, a concentrate of emotions
Kenzo Amour, a concentrate of emotions

A journey through Asia called Kenzo Amour

Kenzo Amour symbolizes a journey that we take hand in hand alongside the person we love. Like all the fragrances of the Kenzo house, Kenzo Amour  immerses us in a world of poetry and intense emotions. If this trip is also sensual, it takes us directly to Asia. From India to Burma, from Japan to Thailand, you will imagine multiple landscapes, unique colors and scents.

Kenzo Amour is a fragrance filled with love, as the name suggests. The composition takes off on a new olfactory note, that of rice steam, combined with white tea. The heart of the composition combines cherry blossoms, frangipani flower and ylang-ylang. Finally, the base is intense thanks to the presence of thanaka wood, vanilla and white musks.


Love game, a most seductive romance

The dazzling tones of Play of Love

Love game, a most seductive romance
Love game, a most seductive romance

Released in 2014, Jeu d’Amour places seduction and love at the heart of the fragrance. Mysterious, the Jeu d’Amour woman is a captivating woman. The fragrance intelligently plays between shadow and light which gives it an irresistible appeal. Surprise and provoke while having fun, this is the DNA of the Jeu d’Amour fragrance. Both funny and poetic, the composition will begin with the fruity and tangy notes of mandarin and pomegranate.

Then, the heart evolves towards more femininity thanks to the presence of freesia, tuberose, combined with tea. Irresistible and sensual, the base of Jeu d’Amour combines sandalwood and white musks. The bottle is inspired by the Kenzo Amour bottle. It sports, for the occasion, a slender silhouette similar to that of a woman in an evening dress. Its nude-pink color also echoes the sensuality of bare skin.


Jeu d’Amour Eau de Toilette, radiant femininity


Jeu d'Amour Eau de Toilette, radiant femininity
Jeu d’Amour Eau de Toilette, radiant femininity

The luminous tones of Jeu d’Amour Kenzo

Jeu d’Amour Eau de Toilette is a luminous and ultra-fresh reinterpretation. Here, the Kenzo woman is radiant and smiling, she makes you want to get involved in the game of seduction. This green-fruity floral opens with sparkling pear notes associated with lemon blossom tones as well as green tea.

Tuberose and Freesia sign The floral heart combines tuberose and freesia. Then, the base is soft and enveloping and harmoniously blends cedar wood and white musks. The bottle is similar to that of the Eau de Parfum. With its feminine curves, the bottle is the reflection of femininity and seduction.



Love the Elixir game, love again and again …

 Love the Elixir game, love again and again ...
Love the Elixir game, love again and again …

A love potion called Game of Love the Elixir

Si séduire est toujours un jeu auquel la brand Kenzo adore participer, on découvre ici une nouvelle donne avec Jeu d’Amour L’Élixir. Sortie en 2015, la fragrance Jeu d’Amour Élixir intensifie le jeu et l’amour en devient plus sensuel. La fragrance réinvente ici les sentiments et les émotions et se livre sous un angle différent et réellement irrésistible. Jeu d’Amour l’Élixir associe parfaitement l’audace, le mystère et la séduction, ici intensifiée. La composition débutera par les tonalités fruitées de la mandarine et de la mure. Son cœur se gorge de jasmin et de tubéreuse. Enfin, le fond conjugue la vanille, le rhum, le patchouli et le santal. Si le flacon reprend les principaux codes de ses ainés, il arbore ici une couleur fuchsia à la fois mystérieuse et sensuelle.


Kenzo Amour parle d’amour et ne vit que pour les sentiments amoureux. Kenzo dévoile également un nouveau jeu de séduction et d’amour, Jeu d’Amour. Magnétique et ultra féminine, Jeu d’Amour est une fragrance pétillante. Les différentes déclinaisons de Kenzo Amour dégageront toutes des émotions amoureuses différentes, séductrices, mais aussi lumineuses et surtout inoubliables.

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