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The different Guerlain lip pencils

Guerlain has been cultivating the art of beauty for almost two centuries. Benefiting from an extraordinary longevity, Guerlain has been producing exceptional make-up items since 1829. A true living heritage company, Guerlain has exceptional know-how that can be found in each of its products. Thus, drawing the outline of your smile with a lip pencil signed Guerlain amounts to offering yourself an infinitely luxurious share of inheritance, and to benefit from one of the most accomplished knowledge in the world in terms of beauty.

The Kisskiss From Paris Palette

The Kisskiss From Paris Palette
The Kisskiss From Paris Palette

The Kisskiss From Paris Palette, for a complete make-up of your smile

The Kisskiss From Paris Palette contains several makeup products. Thus, it contains a primer accompanied by three shades of lipsticks. Together, all these ingredients will allow you to draw a glamorous and sophisticated mouth, endowed with a new relief. The Kisskiss From Paris Palette is Guerlain’s secret to obtaining makeup with a totally irresistible 3D effect.

The two applicators of the Kisskiss From Paris Palette

Guerlain’s Kisskiss From Paris Palette also contains two applicators. The foam helps to capture the right amount of product and flatten it on your skin surface for more intensity. The bristle brushes, on the other hand, blur the colors and allow them to blend together, for a more harmonious gradient.

The Guerlain Lip Pen

The Guerlain Lip Pen
The Guerlain Lip Pen

The extreme softness of the Lip Pen

The Guerlain Lip Pen will seduce you with its extreme softness and its supple and comfortable face. Thus, despite the power of its color, it draws the outline of your smile without ever irritating it. From then on, its lead slides over your mouth, which greatly facilitates its application.

The long-lasting colors of the Guerlain Lip Pen

Despite its softness and smoothness, the Guerlain Lip Pen displays remarkable hold. Available in eight different colors, it harmonizes wonderfully with the range of Guerlain lipsticks. Its impeccable layout provides you with a technique worthy of a professional. Thanks to the Guerlain Lip Pen, your lipstick will last longer and no longer slip into the folds of your skin.

Make-up maestro, Olivier Echaudemaison perfects Guerlain make-up products year after year . This creative genius seems to have an innate talent for creating “must-haves” revealing the beauty of every woman. Since 2000, his imagination has stirred the Guerlain house. The extent of his talent also invests in Guerlain lip pencils, enough to give the brand’s customers a smile. Like each of Guerlain’s players, he works to sublimate women day after day and here offers you the promise of joyful and radiant beauty.

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