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The different Clarins Eye Shadows

Since their creation, nearly 60 years ago, Clarins products have supported the beauty of women. These are considered to be one of the sure values ​​of cosmetics in France and around the world. Clarins is the world number 1 in luxury cosmetics. Its motto ? “Do more, do better and love to do it”. In this context, Clarins sets up continuous research to perfect the recipes of its make-up products. These don’t just add color to your face. They take care of it day after day. Clarins eye shadows therefore fully respond to this philosophy.

L’Ombre Matte by Clarins

The Iridescent Shadow by Clarins
The Iridescent Shadow by Clarins

L’Ombre Matte, a long-lasting eye shadow

The Ombre Matte by Clarins is an eye shadow that comes in a rounded case and reveals itself in an infinite number of different colors. As the name suggests, this is an eye shadow with a matte finish. On application, this product becomes a smoothing and mattifying compact powder, which glides on the skin and blends with it in a homogeneous manner.

L’Ombre Matte by Clarins, a hybrid and airy product

The Ombre Matte by Clarins displays an astonishing texture, combining the comfort and smoothing effect of a cream with the finesse and flawless hold of a powder. Its purity and the uniformity of its color are its main assets. What’s more, like all Clarins products, L’Ombre Matte draws its benefits from the heart of nature. Its mattifying effect comes in particular from bamboo extracts.

The Clarins 4-Color Palette

The Clarins 4-Color Palette
The Clarins 4-Color Palette

The 4 Colors Palette, a very refined assortment

The 4 Colors Palette displays an infinitely elegant style. These are four eyeshadows compacted in a most refined golden case. The Clarins 4 Colors Palette is also supplied with a double-ended applicator. On the one hand, its rounded shape captures the material and deposits it on your eyelid. On the other hand, its sharper tip allows you to draw more graphic and precise lines.

The mineral and sensory texture of Clarins eye shadows

Inside this case are hidden four different powders. The Clarins 4 Colors Palette contains mineral-textured eyeshadows for buildable makeup. These are both smoothing, mat, satin or iridescent. They display an impeccable outfit.

The Iridescent Shadow by Clarins

The Iridescent Shadow by Clarins
The Iridescent Shadow by Clarins

L’Ombre Iridescente, between cream and powder

L’Ombre Iridescente by Clarins is a cream-to-powder eye shadow. This hybrid format has earned it many advantages. On the one hand, L’Ombre Iridescente displays extraordinary intensity and hold. On the other hand, it blends easily and preserves a certain lightness. The set is applied with ease and leaves a touch of homogeneous color and a luminous shade on the eyes.

L’Ombre Iridescente, for an extremely stylized look

The Ombre Iridescente by Clarins contains a veil of mother-of-pearl for a very luminous effect. Its soft focus pigments ensure the purity of the color. Bamboo powder, for its part, makes its finish more matte and more adherent, for a high hold result.

L’Ombre Iridescente offers you the guarantee of pure and uniform color all day long.

Clarins is a brand that is constantly listening to women. Its primary ambition is to satisfy their desire for well-being while offering them the best of plants. Thus, Clarins eye shadows take care of your skin and face day after day. Clarins is now widely recognized for its capacity for innovation, which has won many awards, which can also be found in all of its make-up products. This has earned it a presence in more than 160 and acclaimed by women around the world.

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