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The different Chanel nail polishes

Chanel is an absolute symbol of French chic. For decades, Chanel has been promoting the image of our country’s luxury all over the world, whatever its sectors of activity. Chanel excels just as much in Haute Couture as in jewelry, perfumery or make-up. All Chanel products are intended for a modern but above all elegant woman. But what is chic without a manicure to perfect your impeccable figure? Here are the new nail polishes offered by Chanel.

Chanel Neon Nail Polish

Chanel Neon Nail Polish
Chanel Neon Nail Polish

The four colors of Chanel Neon Nail Polish

The Neon Nail Polish is a novelty from Chanel that comes in four new, particularly electrifying colors. Inspired by the dress codes of the 90s, they have a somewhat retro side in them. From pop pink to electric blue through a vitamin orange or an invigorating green, Chanel’s Neon Nail Polish dares absolutely everything! Very daring, they add a little cheerfulness to your daily life.

The gel effect of Neon Nail Polish

Neon Nail Polish doesn’t just light up your fingertips with their sparkling colors. They are also shimmering and display a gel effect similar to that of a top coat. Whether it’s Ultrasonic Orange, Magnetic Pink, Fantastic Green or Electric Blue, none of these varnishes are made to go unnoticed. These little colored jewels catch the eye and are intended for all women who are not afraid of anything!

Chanel Neon Nail Color Varnish

Chanel Neon Nail Color Varnish
Chanel Neon Nail Color Varnish

The neon rendering of the Nail Color Neon Varnish

Just as extravagant as its predecessor, the Nail Color Neon Varnish relies more on a fluorescent rendering. Inspired by the pin’up of yesteryear, it dares to be extravagant without lacking in elegance. This exclusive creation plays on intensity. With him, the color takes on a new variation even more vibrant than before. Its thin and easy to apply film offers a perfectly homogeneous result in just two successive coats.

The Nail Color Neon Varnish Applicator

Like all Chanel nail polishes, the Neon Nail Color is supplied in a small transparent cube that lets us glimpse its powerful color at its base. This packaging is topped with a small black cap embellished with an applicator. The latter is specifically designed to facilitate handling. It deposits the right amount of product on your nails. Thus, Chanel avoids any missteps. All that remains is a powerful color that is perfectly applied.

Like all other Chanel products, the brand’s nail polishes are both sophisticated and very refined. In keeping with the demands of modern women from Chanel, they evolve with the trends. Season after season, they are transformed for our greatest pleasure. The polish Chanel Nail are the inevitable ceremonial for all the distinguished women, pretty and dressed in our time. So, what are you waiting for to treat yourself to a slice of luxury right down to your fingertips?

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