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Sisley – Phyto-Ombre Radiance

Sisley - Phyto-Ombre Radiance
Sisley – Phyto-Ombre Radiance

A tailor-made look, natural or daring, dressed in a veil of color and light that can be modulated to infinity.

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Phyto-Ombres Eclat combine the properties of natural plant extracts with the most sophisticated make-up technologies.
The specific coating of the powders allows a new control of the color and a quality of silky and ultra-fine texture, which glides on the eyelid and blends easily.
Tested under ophthalmological and dermatological control, Phyto-Ombres Eclat protect and do not dry out the delicate epidermis of the eyelids.

Results obtained with Sisley’s Phyto-Ombre Eclat:

  • make-up keeps impeccable hold all day long,
  • the extreme finesse of the powders allows for flawless make-up, without the risk of overloading, from the most natural to the most daring.

A palette of subtle and shimmering metallic, iridescent or satin shades.

To densify the look, apply the light shades in a halo all over the upper eyelid, and the dark shades only on its mobile part, rather at the outer corner and / or flush with the eyelashes.
Play to infinity: 1 shade for natural makeup, 2 shades for a shadow / light gradient, 3, or even more for sophisticated or contrasting makeup.

Green tea, White lily, Camellia, Sweet talc, Sericite, Mother-of-pearl powders, “soft-focus” powders, Absorbent micro-pearls.

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