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Serge Lutens – The Nun

Serge Lutens The Nun
Serge Lutens The Nun

New fragrance from the Serge Lutens brand which is added to these 69 other creations

The nun

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Psychology and religion are at the heart of the theme of this new perfume. It was created to demonstrate the fight of good over evil. The contrast between black and white. Between Yin and Yang. Serge Lutens’ perfumes are above all stories. La Religieuses is a creation in memory of Serge Lutens’ childhood, an ode to writing.

The Religieuse Eau de Parfum is composed of pure jasmine and white as snow. It also represents the luminous side of the perfume.

While the heart of the perfume represents “religion” which is black in his eyes, dark and mysterious, enveloped in aromas of civet, musk and incense.

The perfume was created by Serge Lutens in collaboration with Christopher Sheldrake.

Serge Lutens describes La Religeuse as an embodiment of sensual purity and femininity.

The La Religieuse perfume bottle will be in square glass, while the fragrance will be colored dark purple. Purple is Serge Lutens’ favorite shade, it adorns the walls of his shop in the Palais Royal.

Olfactory Family: Floral

Top notes: Jasmine.
Heart Notes: Incense.
Base notes: aromas of Civet, musk.

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