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Reminiscence – Rem

Reminiscence - Rem
Reminiscence – Rem

All summer in a Rem perfume, or the sea upside down …

Rem from Reminiscence

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The best-selling fragrance of Reminiscence ardently exudes the gaiety and exoticism of the islands. REM, anagram, is an olfactory and solar tribute to the gentle idleness of the holidays.

This fragrance evokes the wonderful languor of the Island of St Barthélémy. She captures the sweet moment when the sun shines, when the sea and exotic flowers exhale their delicate fragrance and happiness reaches its zenith …

Rem by Reminiscence perfume

The Caribbean Sea, the Antilles… Saint-Barthélemy. A luxuriant and free island, refuge of the turtles. REM captures its joyful exoticism, the voluptuousness of its beaches and the freshness of its waves, for a longing for a vacation that will never end.

Rem is a hymn to life.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory Family: Aquatic – Floral

Top Notes: Calone, Rose, Lilac, Jasmine.

Heart Notes: Patchouli Java Essential Oil, Fenugreek Morocco Absolute

Base notes: Madagascar Vanilla Absolute, Venezuela Tonka Bean Absolute.

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