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New Hydra Life Radiance Mask

New Hydra Life Radiance Mask
New Hydra Life Radiance Mask

Immediately brighter skin with Dior Hydra Life Radiance Mask

The face is one of the parts of our body most exposed to daily aggressions. Thus, pollution, stress or temperature changes are all things that contribute to making our complexion duller. To remedy this, Dior has developed a new skincare range called Hydra Life. This brings together powerful natural active ingredients to give your skin a second youth. Also, if you dream of a smoother and clearer complexion, the Hydra Life Radiance Mask is the product for you!

The assets contained in the Hydra Life Radiance Mask

The Hydra Life Radiance Mask is a dermatologically tested product suitable for all skin types. It contains five plant extracts naturally rich in AHA. These are components with a light chemical action but allowing a micro-peeling. Also, here it is blueberry, sugar cane, orange, lemon and sugar maple. Likewise, the latter are associated with a mechanical exfoliation using extracts of apricot kernels. On the other hand, the Hydra Life Radiance Mask has been ideally designed to respect the fragility of the skin of the face. Thus, it is an effective but gentle product at the same time. This allows to obtain convincing results from its first application. Thus, the Hydra Life Radiance Mask makes the skin 90% fresher, 90% more clarified and 92% smoother after a simple swipe. Likewise, after a month of regular use, the complexion gains 69% freshness,

How to apply Dior skincare?

The Hydra Life Radiance Mask should be applied to previously washed and moistened skin. It must then rest for three minutes, during which time it performs a light peel. Likewise, do not hesitate to massage your skin very lightly with the product so as to combine it with a mechanical action to further increase its effects. Finally, you just need to finish with a simple rinse with lukewarm water. Likewise, note that this treatment can be used up to three times a week on all skin types.

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