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New fragrance Jamsin des Anges Dior

New fragrance Jamsin des Anges Dior
New fragrance Jamsin des Anges Dior

Jasmine des Anges by Dior, a composition from the heavens

A true gem of perfumery, the Dior Private Collection is a must-have for all perfume lovers. It is a range of niche fragrances, both refined and authentic, aimed at an exceptional audience. It brings together several mixed fragrances and each of these references tells us a story that only belongs to Dior. Today, the collection is expanding with several new flavors, including Jasmin des Anges. Presented, as usual, in a cylindrical bottle, this perfume already promises to release a breath of the most poetic.

The unique know-how contained in the Dior Private Collection

François Demachy affirms it: the Private Collection brings together “Rare raw materials, daring olfactory biases, a limitless creation. This collection is the reflection of a freedom that only true luxury can allow. A beautiful recreation of the Perfumer. Each of the perfumes presented is the reflection of a unique know-how and the unequaled talent of the Dior house in aromatic matters. All these juices are made in an artisanal way, with the purest respect for tradition. Thus, the Private Collection gives us part of Dior’s heritage, and takes us back to the era of ancestral perfumery, without lacking in modernity.

The angelic sweetness of Jasmine des Anges by Dior

Jasmin des Anges enriches the famous Private Collection, and offers us for the occasion a floral concentrate coated with sweetness. Its breath is both fruity and tasty. Its sweet flavor is softened by a velvety apricot, a perfect echo of its orange color. Jasmin des Anges is a real caress from heaven, for both men and women.

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