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New Chanel Light Powder

New Chanel Light Powder
New Chanel Light Powder

The iridescent reflections of the Poudre Lumière de Chanel

To highlight the skin, only the application of a foundation is not enough. Indeed, if this one is absolutely essential to camouflage the small pigmentary irregularities and the cutaneous defects, it remains despite everything too uniform to be sufficient on its own. The face needs to be highlighted to fully reveal all its splendor and personality. This is why the addition of powder is essential for a successful make-up . In this context, Chanel has chosen to bet on shine and luminosity. Focus on its Light Powder.

La Poudre Lumière, an illuminator

The illuminator is a new generation make-up product that gives more freshness to the skin. It allows you to have a radiant glow of health, by reinforcing the natural radiance of your face. The Chanel Light Powder therefore deposits its golden reflections on your skin. In a simple pass, it unifies the face and clarifies it at the level of your most beautiful assets, so as to highlight them. In this sense, it is ideal for performing a strobing technique, which is very popular today. Note that the Light Powder is not made to be applied to the entire face.

Its small brush provided in its case is used to locate certain areas and to blend the powder with delicacy. The idea here is to keep a light hand. The Light Powder sublimates the face without ever being noticed. For this, it must perfectly adapt to your natural skin tone. Thus, Chanel decided to decline it in three different colors, more or less strong, to choose according to your skin. The Light Powder comes in a hybrid form between cream and powder, which greatly facilitates its application and increases its adhesion.

How to properly apply Chanel Light Powder?

The Light Powder is applied as the final note of your makeup. It targets certain very specific areas and spreads with its small brush above your foundation. Start by taking some powder and applying it to your cheekbones, stretching it towards your temples. To avoid overloading your face, we recommend that you lightly tap your brush on the edge of its case, in order to get rid of the excess material. Chanel Light Powder is also applied to the bridge of the nose to illuminate it, as well as to Cupid’s bow. The Powder Chanel Lightcan also cover a BB Cream. All in lightness, it reflects the light ideally and creates a natural harmony on your face. The Light Powder is the essential element of your toiletry bag to bring the final touch to your beauty.

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