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Narciso Rodriguez imagines a new box for his For Her perfume

Narciso Rodriguez imagines a new box for his For Her perfume
Narciso Rodriguez imagines a new box for his For Her perfume

For Her by Narciso Rodriguez, a box full of emotion

For Her is Narciso Rodriguez’s very first perfume and it reveals to us the portrait of a femininity idealized by the creator. “This portrait expresses everything a woman is,” he says: strength, vulnerability, beauty, sensuality and finally depth. It is my very personal and romantic vision of the imaginary muse that inspires me and allows me to feel what I feel when I create. »For Her is a sublime fragrance similar to a sparkling gaze or a smile filled with emotion. It vibrates on the skin and is now offered in an elegant box.

The abstract breath of the For Her fragrance

For Her is a fragrance that has an immediately identifiable olfactory signature. It is inspired by Egyptian musk, an oil worn by Narciso Rodriguez like a talisman. It envelops it in the luminosity of orange blossom associated with the poetry of osmanthus. Honey also coats this scent and makes it more solar. Musk in turn plunges us into the register of seduction. It combines with the energy of vetiver. The whole is both elegant and smooth. For Her is like a second skin. He is a real caress.

The For Her perfume set by Narciso Rodriguez

Like the For Her perfume, its set is entirely tempted with black. It is dotted with a multitude of white spots that outline the silhouette of New York City on the horizon. The For Her Set contains , of course, the Narciso Rodriguez spray in a 50 ml format, associated with the shower gel and body milk from the range.

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