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Loverdose Diesel, legendary fragrance at the heart of a new sulphurous box

Loverdose by Diesel, a legendary fragrance in the heart of a new sulphurous box.
Loverdose by Diesel, a legendary fragrance in the heart of a new sulphurous box.

Loverdose of Diesel in the heart of a sulphurous box

Loverdose is an absolutely bewitching fragrance. Presented in a kind of jewel cut like an oversized heart, it is similar to a magic elixir. He seems capable of making anyone who crosses his path to love alchemy succumb. Loverdose is a fragrance for sensual and seductive women who want to love above all else. It is the scent of passionate, sometimes unreasonable love. You’ve been warned, Loverdose is a fragrance that can quickly get hooked! So what are you waiting for to discover its bewitching scent in a seductive box?

The floral and bewitching scent of Loverdose

Loverdose is initially a very sparkling juice . It takes off on the freshness of mandarin and lemon. Then, these citrus fruits are disheveled by the unexpected presence of star anise. His gluttony is felt in his heart. Loverdose contains in particular liquorice liquor associated with vanilla. Jasmine reinforces the poetry and opulence of the whole. Finally, the trail of Loverdose is smoother and enveloping, resting on sandalwood and cedar.

The Loverdose box

Loverdose is presented to us in an elegant pink box. This container proudly displays the image of the Loverdose bottle on its front. It must be said that this glass bottle is the result of exceptional work! It seems cut like a jewel and displays a resplendent color. The Loverdose set thus brings together its 50 ml spray as well as a body lotion with the scent of Loverdose. From head to toe, his thrill of ecstasy will run through you while taking care of your skin.

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