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In Love with You, the new Armani women’s fragrance

In Love with You, the new Armani women's fragrance
In Love with You, the new Armani women’s fragrance

In Love With You by Emporio Armani, when the excitement of a budding love becomes a perfume

The Armani house is an absolute emblem of Italian luxury and refinement. Famous for its jewelry, haute couture and perfumes, it was first known as a fairly traditional brand. Eager to diversify, Giorgio Armani launched the Emporio Armani range, this time aimed at young people, or rather at all those who have a certain elegance while feeling young at any age. By January 2019, Emporio Armani’s olfactory collection will be enriched with two new essences. Prepare to welcome Stronger With You Intensely for men and In Love With You for women. So let’s take a closer look at what is happening on the female side …

In Love With You, an elegant and feminine look

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the elegant bottle of the new In Love With You. Like the perfume it contains, it clearly plays on oppositions. This small bottle, similar to that of the Because It’s You perfume, is both strong and delicate, very refined but refined. Its transparent base reveals all the delicacy of a tender pink juice. Its round shapes echo feminine generosity, while resting on a stable and solid base. An opaque stopper faces a clearer glass. Finally, as if to symbolize the union of two beings, two rings are intertwined at the level of its neck. Similar to two inseparable bodies, these metallic rings are also very elegant.

Emporio Armani relies on a fruity and floral alliance

On a purely olfactory level, In Love With You by Emporio Armani is a delicate and fiery juice at the same time. It begins with a sparkling and tangy alliance of red fruits. In Love With You mixes cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant. Her heart, meanwhile, is more feminine and romantic. Rose and jasmine give it a strong dose of poetry while enveloping itself in more bitter wormwood. This surprising blend is finally relayed by a dark base of patchouli. In Love With You is not afraid to mix scents that are opposites. The result is a sweet and passionate juice, fragile and strong at the same time.

In Love With You, when Emporio Armani decides to talk to us about love

As its name suggests, Emporio Armani’s In Love With You fragrance speaks to us of love. It evokes all the power of emerging feelings. It is aimed at all young people “whose hearts beating in unison, stopping at each contact”. In Love With You by Giorgio Armani is a fragrance conceived as a fresh and exciting relationship. With him, love gives wings and simply invites us to surpass ourselves. In Love With You is designed for all women who love to push their limits and take on the wildest challenges. It encourages people to reveal their best to everyone.

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