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Habit Rouge the equestrian perfume

Habit Rouge the equestrian perfume
Habit Rouge the equestrian perfume

Habit Rouge is today considered to be a myth of perfumery. Indeed, it was created in 1965 and is considered to be the first male oriental juice. This pays tribute to the Guerlain family’s passion for the cavalry. It is described as being a daring juice that caters wonderfully to a sophisticated man, a bit dandy. Jean-Paul Guerlain described it as releasing “disturbing autumnal scents mixed with a sensual scent of leather and tobacco.

Guerlain’s passion for horses

The Guerlain family has always shown great attachment to horseback riding. Moreover, Jean-Paul Guerlain was an emeritus rider. He thus regularly frequented the alleys of the forest of Rambouillet. This is where the inspiration for this perfume came from. He imagined an urban man keeping all his ease when he rode his mount. He then saw himself dressed in the traditional clothing of a show jumping rider. Jean-Paul Guerlain describes his vision as “a furtive appearance of the strident red of the tunic of a man whose energetic hand gripped the reins of a thoroughbred. This is where this perfume takes its name from Habit Rouge as well as its serene, confident and elegant scent.

Habit Rouge, a fragrance of contrasts

As for scents, Habit Rouge does not hesitate to combine the freshness of citrus fruits with the warmth of woody notes . Its departure is composed of bergamot, tangerine, bitter orange and lemon. In that sense, it would almost look like a Cologne. However, this apparent freshness is quickly overtaken by more intense tones of leather and vanilla. Its wake is full of birch and patchouli. Habit Rouge displays a very masculine sensuality. Its chypre scent did not fail to surprise and yet it is still perfectly trendy even 50 years after its release.

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