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Guerlain – Extra Gold Palette

Guerlain Palette Extra Gold
Guerlain Palette Extra Gold

Discover the new exceptional makeup palette from Guerlain

ExtraGold Complete Exceptional Palette

Buy Guerlain’s La Palette Extra Gold at the best price on Fragrenza Perfumes.



The Extragold palette includes:

– A Medium powder
– A pearly rosé blush
– A harmony of 4 eyeshadows
– A pale pink natural
-looking gloss – A powdery pink lipstick
– A raspberry lipstick
– A black lashes mascara
– Mini brushes for eyes, lips and complexion

A few make-up tips you can apply the powder all over the face to even out your complexion, you can then enhance your complexion by applying the blush from the cheekbones to the temples.

Next, make up the eyes by applying eye shadow all over the eyelid, then you can draw a line of darker shadow along the lashes to intensify your look. Then apply Cils d’Enfer mascara.

You can then opt for a lipstick for an intense and romantic look or a gloss for a more nude look.

Find it at the best price at our makeup partner: Guerlain Fragrenza Perfumes Makeup as well as all Guerlain products .

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