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Eau Fraiche declaration, a scent of emotion

Eau Fraiche declaration, a scent of emotion
Eau Fraiche declaration, a scent of emotion

In 1997, Cartier let us discover its Declaration perfume . It was then intended for gourmets who love delicate olfactory pleasures. Today, it is considered to be a true timeless perfume. It is therefore in a summer version that this exceptional perfume is redesigned today. Cartier then presents its brand new Eau Fraiche Declaration.

The masculine freshness of Declaration Eau Fraiche

Declaration Eau Fraiche thus appears to be a modern re-adaptation of the classic Declaration fragrance. It is then an essence ideally thought for men knowing what they want and what they feel. Statement Eau Fraiche is described as an unforgettable fragrance worth better than 1000 words. It begins with a particularly striking flight illustrated with bergamot, a fruit halfway between lemon and bitter orange. From the outset, Declaration Eau Fraiche is particularly tangy and sparkling. Then, its heart evolves towards more sharpness and the cardamom reveals its scents there without detour. This leaves a more spicy, woody and aldehyde scent on the whole. Finally, the whole thing ends in a real surge of masculinity based on cedar.

Revisiting the famous Cartier bottle

Similarly, for the occasion, Cartier has also revisited its bottle. This one is very strongly inspired by the Declaration container. In addition, it has retained its same slender and slender shape composed of a cutaway at the front forming a heart. Its metal clasp, meanwhile, is also still in the game. Only its name, Declaration Eau Fraiche , appears on its smooth glass wall in a white tint. Similarly, Cartier is part of a color typical of passionate love, a most captivating burgundy red.

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