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Discover the new Boss The Scent perfume set

Discover the new Boss The Scent perfume set
Discover the new Boss The Scent perfume set

Boss The Scent, the elegant gentleman of Hugo Boss in a box

Boss The Scent is a fragrance that makes seduction an art in its own right. In our often too stressed world, he invites us to take our time to conquer the loved one with patience and listening. Boss The Scent offers us a unique approach to masculinity. What is more, it is now available in the form of a box. Boss The Scent is a seductive fragrance that plays in the register of sensuality.

The woody and fruity scent of Boss The Scent

Boss The Scent is a compendium of emotions . It contains maninka fruit, an ingredient from South Africa, used for the first time in perfumery, and known to be aphrodisiac. Its scent is similar to that of passion fruit mixed with rum. This fragrance is also sublimated by the lively breath of ginger and lavender. Leather, in turn, reinforces its share of animality.

The other products of the range contained in the Boss The Scent box

Note that two Boss The Scent boxes are available to you. One of them contains a 50ml spray of Boss The Scent. It comes with the shower gel from the collection. The other, on the other hand, contains Boss The Scent in a 100ml version, and combined with Boss The Scent shower gel and deodorant. Boss The Scent shower gel melts on the skin and envelops it in a silky and fragrant veil. Deodorant, meanwhile, will help you face all the hardships of everyday life by regulating your perspiration for 24 hours.

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