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Dior eyebrows Powder Eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow Powder Eyebrow Pencil
Eyebrow Powder Eyebrow Pencil

At the heart of the Dior house , we have to tell ourselves that excellence is at the rendezvous. Founded in 1947 by Christian Dior, the brand, bearing the same name, symbolizes the renewal and freedom of the post-war period. Fashion, beauty treatments, perfumes, cosmetics, but also watchmaking and jewelry, the Dior house has never ceased to renew itself. As for make-up, the first lipstick from the Dior house dates back to 1954, “Dior Addict”. In 1969, Dior officially created a make-up line, just as innovative as its creations. Here, Dior presents “Eyebrows Powder Eyebrow Pencil Powder Mine with Brush and Pencil Sharpener”.

Dior, all the benefits of Eyebrow Powder Eyebrow Pencil Powder Mine with Brush and Sharpener

“Sourcils Poudre Eyebrow Pencil Powder Mine with Brush and Sharpener” is the finish of a powder associated with the structuring power of a wax, in a professional pencil. It thus redensifies the eyebrow line for a naturally enhanced and sublimated look. Dressed in a new midnight blue decor, the range, made up of six shades, has been enriched with two ash blonde and brown shades. Your Dior “Powder Eyebrows” has a brush that both tames the eyebrow before applying makeup, and also blurs the material. Finally, its ultra-fine retractable lead will precisely and naturally redraw the line of your eyebrows.

Powder Eyebrow Pencil Mine Powder with Brush and Sharpener, application tips

In order to achieve perfectly reshaped eyebrows, it is advisable to start by brushing your eyebrows upwards to open your eyes. Then apply your pencil by light touches, starting from the inside of the eyebrow, to fill and redraw your eyebrow as you wish. Remember to trim the lead regularly for a more precise result.

Dior “Mine Powder Eyebrow Pencil Powder with Brush and Pencil Sharpener” is the combination of innovative techniques and formulas. Its brush will help you discipline and finalize your drawing.

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