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Dior Addict – Milk & Deodorant

Dior Visual Addict
Dior Visual Addict

Discover the irresistible complementary range of Dior Addict to sublimate each of the fragrances of the eponymous collection

Velvety Body Milk & Perfumed Body Deodorant

Creation by François Demanchy in keeping with the sparkling spirit of Dior Addict:
”Creating the Dior Addict swim line is a real creative game. This makes it possible to discover new facets and to modulate notes to achieve a delicate balance ”F. Demanchy

Dior Addict Velvety Body Lotion
Dior Addict Velvety Body Lotion

Dior Addict Velvety Milk

Buy Dior Addict Velvety Milk on Fragrenza Perfumes.

Fresh and enveloping and irresistibly floral milky emulsion. Its creamy texture enriched with jasmine extract hydrates your skin, leaving it silky, leaving a delicate and subtle fragrance with woody and musky notes.

Dior Addict Perfumed Deodorant
Dior Addict Perfumed Deodorant

The Perfumed Deodorant

A fresh and floral-woody deodorant formula at the same time, of an optimal effectiveness.

These two new products, derived from the exceptional Dior Addict perfume with a refined olfactory fragrance, allow you to sublimate the trail of each of the perfumes in the Dior Addict collection. Indeed, their subtle fragrances match perfectly with the strength of Dior Addict Eau de Parfum and the Luminosity of L’Eau de Toilette and the flowery elegance of Dior Addict Eau Fraîche.

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