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Dior Addict It-Lash, the mascara that illuminates the eyes

Dior Addict It-Lash, the mascara that illuminates the eyes
Dior Addict It-Lash, the mascara that illuminates the eyes

Between sparkling light and supercharged colors, Dior Addict It Lash mascara stands out

With the magnificent Dior Addict It Lash mascara, your lashes are adorned with intense colors that capture the light for an ultra-trendy “doe-eye” effect.

Easy to apply, easy to remove, Dior Addict It Lash mascara is the incomparable ally for all your days and even your evenings.

Its brush with elastomer pins captures all eyelashes, even the smallest, sheathing and multiplying the effects of mascara on your eyes. Multiplied and wrapped for infinite length, your eyelashes will be adorned with absolutely extraordinary colors thanks to the varied palette offered by this Dior Addict It Lash.

It Purple, It Blue, It Pink or It Black, this magnificent Dior Addict mascara is the ideal companion for all make-up and all your lighting needs thanks to the transparent gel base which, combined with powerful pigments, illuminates your eyes.

Dior Addict It Lash or the mascara that illuminates your eyelashes and your eyes

In addition to its composition allowing to capture light, Dior Addict It Lash mascara is applied with great ease thanks to its spiked brush. Just use it to stretch your mascara from the base of your lashes to the tips. Drying quickly, you can play with an addition of material for an even more intense effect.

In addition, Dior Addict It Lash is as easy to apply as it is to remove make-up despite the power of its composition. Dior specifies that you can remove Dior Addict It Lash mascara with just lukewarm water. However that does not prevent him from having a foolproof outfit!

“Dior Addict It-lash is capable of transforming the gaze with a gesture for a sensational impact, as if by magic. »Dior for Dior Addict It Lash.

You can buy this Dior mascara on Addict Perfumes .

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