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Dance with Repetto, the fragrance novelty Repetto

Dance with Repetto, the fragrance novelty Repetto
Dance with Repetto, the fragrance novelty Repetto

Dance With Repetto, a new curtain raiser for Repetto

Most of the major current perfume brands come from jewelry or Haute Couture. Repetto is different. His favorite universe is above all classical dance. Repetto has been accompanying the greatest star dancers on the planet for several decades, making women of all ages dream. In this marvelous universe, Repetto has decided to accompany its many accessories with fragrances that are just as poetic and feminine. Today, in collaboration with the French company Interparfums, Repetto unveils a brand niche fragrance: Dance With Repetto.

Dance With Repetto, a chic and gourmet fragrance

With this niche fragrance, the Repetto brand intends to establish its notoriety and win the hearts of a new target of customers. In fact, until then, Repetto’s previous fragrances more clearly targeted a young population. Today, it is a more refined juice, aimed at more mature consumers. To make this perfume, Repetto called on three perfumers: Nathalie Lorson , Annick Ménardo and Olivier Crespby Firmenich. Dance With Repetto is like a real treat. It first opens with a scent of fruity candy, associating a macaroon accord with raspberry. Her heart, meanwhile, relies more on femininity. It is wrapped in jasmine and heliotrope. Finally, this floral concentrate ends with a real burst of sensuality. A carnal and syrupy vanilla is associated with a smoother tonka bean.

Dance With Repetto, a fragrance synonymous with movement

Dance with Repetto fragrance
Dance with Repetto fragrance

Repetto has always praised classical dance. Thus, each of its perfumes does not forget the origins of the brand and all echo the movements of the dancers. Dance With Repetto is no exception to tradition and this can be seen even on its bottle. Very different from its predecessors, it has a cylindrical shape that shoots towards the sky. On the other hand, its glass lets itself be carried by ripples and the bottle of Dance With Repetto seems to be in motion. For more femininity, its waist is surrounded by a metal ring signed Repetto. The coppery peach color of this fragrance is absolutely bewitching. It is a real call to caress.

Repetto’s new communication

From then on, all that was missing was an advertisement to complete the release of this niche fragrance. For once, Repetto has decided to call on a muse other than Dorothée Gilbert. To succeed him, Repetto turned to one of the most fashionable dancers of the moment at the Opéra National de Paris. After playing the role of Marie in the new version of The Nutcracker, Marion Barbeau lends her image to Dance With Repetto. For the occasion, it will evolve on a choreography elegantly orchestrated by the talented choreographer Sébastien Bertaud.

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