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Clinique Superbalanced Foundation

Clinique Superbalanced Foundation
Clinique Superbalanced Foundation

Clinique Superbalanced Foundation
Clinique Superbalanced Foundation

Clinique Superbalanced Foundation, a smart product

Getting great skin is no small feat. Indeed, nature has not made us all equal in this matter. Some people have too dry skin. Others have excessively oily skin. Moreover, sebum production varies not only from one individual to another but also from day to day. In this context, it is not easy to know what to apply to keep the skin perfectly nourished and hydrated, but which does not shine brightly. Fortunately, research in cosmetology and beauty has evolved considerably in recent years. This is how Clinique’s Superbalanced Foundation was born . Smart product, it adapts to all skin types and all circumstances!

The Superbalanced Foundation, the ally of oily skin

First of all, know that you should never choose a foundation lightly. Indeed, some formulas are more suitable for certain types of skin. For example, mineral textures are great for oily skin because they absorb excess sebum. Conversely, cream textures are more nourishing. They are more suitable for dry skin and are used more in winter. However, a sort of hybrid foundation, Clinique’s Superbalanced adapts to all situations. This is a smart foundation that hydrates and absorbs excess sebum according to your skin’s needs. It targets the dry areas of your face and hydrates it precisely where you need it. Likewise, it locates your excess sebum and absorbs them. However, it does not create skin dryness. To protect you from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, it also incorporates a sun protection factor. Therefore, it prevents the harmful effects of free radicals, and the clusters of melanins responsible for skin aging and pigment spots.

The buildable coverage of Clinique Superbalanced Foundation

In addition to its benefits on the skin, Clinique’s Superbalanced Foundation also serves to enhance your beauty and provide you with a perfectly even complexion that is radiant with life. It comes in a multitude of colors, ranging from particularly light shades, to darker and more intense colors. As a result, it comes as close as possible to your natural skin tone. Its coverage is perfectly modular. Thus, it does not create a demarcation, and is very easy to apply. It offers a matte and natural finish. It perfectly respects the epidermis and visually gives the effect of bare skin.

Clinique recommends starting its application in the middle area of ​​your face, and then pulling them outwards, directly with your finger or with a brush. Finally, be aware that this is a product that removes make-up perfectly, and that does not cause any risk of irritation. As a result, it perfectly lets your skin breathe.

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