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Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder High Matte Powder

Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder High Matte Powder
Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder High Matte Powder

Founded in the United States in 1967, the Clinique brand sounds like a gigantic revolution. Imagined and created by dermatologists, Clinique products are immediately popular because they are tested, hypoallergenic and also 100% fragrance-free. The Clinique brand is made up of great products such as “The Basic 3 Stroke” but it is also great innovations such as “The beauty computer”. Each cosmetic undergoes up to 7,200 allergy tests before it is put on the market. In addition, they do not contain perfume for better skin tolerance. Here, the Clinique brand presents “Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Power High Maturity Powder”.

Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Power High Matte Powder, its many benefits

Clinique “Stay-matte sheer pressed powder” is a transparent, high-matt powder. Its anti-shine formula contains no fatty substances. Its ultralight texture gives your skin an absolutely perfect matte appearance. The minerals it contains are perfect for controlling oily and acne-prone skin and giving them dreamy makeup. Your Clinique powder guarantees you a fresh and natural complexion even after several touch-ups. Its light to moderate coverage is perfect for oily and very oily skin.

A few tips for using Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Power High Mattness Powder

To get the most out of your powder, it is advisable to apply it using a powder brush or the sponge applicator provided. Your powder can be used on the whole face or only on oily areas. The sponge applicator is simply washed with soap and water. It is then recommended to let it dry completely before reusing it.

Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Power High Matte Powder is ideal for oily skin. With its mineral-based formula, it absorbs sebum, giving your skin a magnificent hold, without shine, all day long.


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