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Clarins expertise in a High Hold Foundation SPF 15

Clarins expertise in a High Hold Foundation SPF 15
Clarins expertise in a High Hold Foundation SPF 15

The Clarins house demonstrates extraordinary expertise in skin protection. Also, its know-how is now available in the make-up department. Logically, you therefore imagine that its foundations are not simple covering products devoid of beneficial power on the skin. Among the most famous of them, the High Hold Foundation SPF 15 is one of the bestsellers. It has conquered the hearts of women with its covering and luminous finish associated with excellent hold as well as real benefits for the epidermis.

The long-lasting comfort of Clarins Foundation

The High Hold Foundation SPF 15 provides perfect coverage from early morning until night. However, its new generation formula leaves your skin very natural and without any mask effect. Thus, thanks to the High Hold Foundation SPF 15, the defects are corrected with a light coverage without masking your expression lines. Likewise, this airy lightness provides more comfort on a daily basis and lets your skin breathe. This exemplary product combines mattifying bamboo powder with High Fidelity System + technology offering long-lasting complexion perfection.

The High Hold Foundation SPF 15 is resistant to all tests and displays a hold lasting up to eighteen hours. Likewise, its organic quinoa extract preserves the suppleness of the epidermis and reinforces its moisturizing action. Finally, in order to preserve the beauty of your face over the long term, the High Hold Foundation SPF 15 has an exclusive triple protection anti pollution, anti free radical and anti UV.

Our tips for applying SPF 15 High-Hold Foundation

The High Hold Foundation SPF 15 can be used directly with the finger or with a brush. Its fluid texture is easy to apply and spreads quickly evenly. It is then advisable to apply the High Hold Foundation SPF 15 touch by touch on the face and then gently smooth it from the center outwards. So, start with your chin and then spread the product from the nose to your cheekbones. Then finish with the forehead before blending everything delicately on the neck and ears. Do not hesitate to apply a few slow and light pressures from the inside to the outside of your face to homogenize and fix everything. You are now ready to face a busy day!

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