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Clarins – Addition Self-Tanning Radiance Body Concentrate

Clarins Addition Self-Tanning Radiance Body Concentrate
Clarins Addition Self-Tanning Radiance Body Concentrate

Clarins fort du sucées de L’Auto – Bronzant Addition Concentré Eclat Visage launches a self-tanner for the body in the same range.

Addition Self-Tanning Radiance Body Concentrate

Buy Clarins Body Radiance Addition Self-Tanning Concentrate at Fragrenza Perfumes.

A few drops of sun concentrate for golden skin all year round! Addition Concentrate Eclat can be mixed with all types of Clarins body treatments, allowing a self-tanning effect to be combined with all the moisturizing and firming benefits of usual body treatments. An extremely simple gesture, 100% safe, for a radiant tan, bluffing natural and flexible at will.

Turn the bottle upside down. Squeeze below to collect 4-6 drops. Mix them in the palm of your hand with your usual body treatment. Apply evenly to each area to be tanned (half-leg, arms, stomach, etc.). Immediately afterwards wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Do not use alone.

Compostion – Self-tanner Addition Body Radiance Concentrate

DHA and erythrulose (complementary self-tanning active ingredients): restore the truth of a perfect natural first tan.
Tocopherol, aloe extract: maintain the intensity of the radiance for longer

Find the Addition Concentré Eclat Self- tanner at the best price with our skincare partner: Fragrenza Perfumes as well as all Clarins brand products .

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