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Chrome Aqua, Azzaro relives its Chrome fragrance

Chrome Aqua, Azzaro relives its Chrome fragrance
Chrome Aqua, Azzaro relives its Chrome fragrance

Chrome Aqua by Azzaro, when fresh air mixes with sea spray

Dedicated to authentic moments and sharing, the Chrome perfume appeared in 1996 to become one of the most famous references of the Azzaro brand. Immediately adored by men all over the world, Chrome has never stopped reinventing itself year after year, revealing to us several facets of his personality, sometimes more intense, seductive, energizing or refined. Today, the emphasis is on marine freshness. Mediterranean inspiration is always in order. Focus on Azzaro’s new Chrome Aqua.

The Mediterranean as a source of inspiration

Since its very first version, Chrome has made the Mediterranean one of its main sources of inspiration. Thus, the new Chrome Aqua is no exception to tradition. It has in it all the freshness of this maritime expanse and echoes the childhood of Loris Azzaro, creator of the brand. It is on the shores of the Mediterranean that he liked to stroll and enjoy the fresh air, letting his gaze be lost in the silvery reflections of the water. There he breathed the sun and the pure air, while contemplating the azure blue of the sea flowing into the infinity of the sky. However, this is precisely the postcard that once again inspires the creation of Chrome Aqua.

The aromatic freshness of Chrome Aqua

Chrome Aqua is an infinitely invigorating fragrance, which tenderly transmits authenticity and sharing to us from generation to generation. It is designed to give wings to the wearer and give him more daily dynamism. It vibrates in contact with the skin, as when the latter is traversed by the water of the sea on a hot summer day. A shiver then immediately bells the body. Chrome Aqua thus launches a fresh and bitter grapefruit scent. The green apple further amplifies this effect, while enhancing the vegetal and fruity part of this fragrance. Basil appears in the heart of Chrome Aqua and makes it more aromatic. Slightly aniseed, it brings more depth to this composition. Finally, all the virility of Chrome Aqua expresses itself fully at its base thanks to a contribution of vetiver.

When the bottle of Azzaro takes on an electrifying color

On the bottle side, Chrome Aqua perfectly reflects the silhouette of the previous fragrances in the Chrome collection. Therefore, it displays a refined style but at the same time neat. Its square shape gives off a feeling of stability. What’s more, the heavy weight of its glass gives it a stable footing, like a man you can count on. Its edges are not completely sharp and strict. They draw a slight oval on the side of this bottle, as if to materialize the gentleness of the Azzaro man. Echoing the previous Chrome Pure, Chrome Aqua has preserved an opaque white tint on its cap. Its base, on the other hand, is now turquoise and electric blue. Its frosted glass, meanwhile, perfectly materializes the freshness contained in this bottle. So long as the word Aqua resurfaces in white writing,

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